Vada by Krost Business Furniture

  • 2020

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

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  • Krost Business Furniture

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Krost Business Furniture

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Vada is a revolutionary, contemporary storage system composed of single or multiple wall units to suit the desired space. It features storage modules, open storage units and shelves that slot into Vada’s back panel to create an aesthetically impressive solution customised to the space.

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  • To create an alternative contemporary storage solution that is more striking than traditional joinery or storage units directly fixed to a wall and that accommodates monitors and TVs in a neat way. It should also be customisable to suit the customer's vision and space and be focused towards meeting rooms, reception areas and executive offices. Further, it needs to be strong and stable enough to bear the weight of various storage modules and exhibit a clean look without any visible fixings and allow for possible cabling and power to be concealed.

  • An elegant solution that combines 3 key elements to create the Vada product: 1) Wall modules which feature slots in up to 4 positions 2) Slot design where all the accessories fix into. These slots provide tensile strength greater than any equivalent joinery or storage solutions 3) Accessories to suit: storage modules, open storage modules and shelves, all with hidden fixings allowed by the strength provided by the slot design Additionally, the back panel and kickbox allow for the concealing of all cables of electrical devices such as a TVs mounted onto Vada.

  • Venturing into joinery production a couple of years ago, Krost’s capabilities were expanded to provide beneficial solutions for clients and their office environments. Vada is the realisation of combining the unique perspective provided by supplying loose furniture as well as joinery to commercial environments. This completely unique solution was designed by an in-house team and is entirely Australian made in our own factory using 100% Australian and Global Green Tag Certified materials. We believe Vada will help promote our joinery capabilities and result in additional enquiries for custom joinery solutions.

  • Several prototypes were built and tested in our Sydney factory and checked for strength, stability and design coherence. Challenges and questions arose throughout the process to ensure that the back panels were strong enough to support the various storage units with limited componentry. Solutions were found through clever engineering to create a product that leverages the material’s remarkable natural strength.