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V-LOCK Lids offer safe, concealed access to swimming pool skimmer boxes, protecting pool users, especially children from potential injury. Manufactured in engineering polymer, the lid’s flush-fit and matched inlay blend perfectly into pool decks, while the lockable design with ergonomic die-cast key sets the industry standard for safety and compliance.

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Image: Gemma Carr
Image: Gemma Carr
Image: Gemma Carr
Image: Gemma Carr
Image: Gemma Carr
Image: Gemma Carr
Image: Gemma Carr
Image: AQUEA
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  • Skimmer boxes are an essential element of conventional swimming pools, removing leaves and debris, and providing a suction port for the water circulation system. They are accessed regularly for maintenance, but can pose a potential hazard to unauthorised users. As a result, there are safety regulations regarding skimmer box installation with which industry must comply. Current access lids fail to address both user and industry needs; therefore, the Design Challenge is to develop a lid solution that: •Enhances user safety •Provides intuitive operation for users •Complements modern pools/landscapes •Blends seamlessly into pool deck area •Simplifies installation and compliance

  • The challenge was developing a polymer lid with comparable functionality to existing metal lids, thereby eliminating electrical bonding, vastly simplifying installation and compliance. Digital FEA analysis and iterative prototyping were used to optimise lid strength and rigidity. Glass-reinforced engineering polymer provides superior toughness & UV resistance. The discreet design blends seamlessly into the pool deck, with easy on-site installation and inlay fitment. V-LOCK's lockable design provides superior safety and peace of mind for pool owners. The lock’s intuitive operation, with visual and tactile feedback, encourages correct use. The key’s robust ergonomic design also provides a stable lift point for the lid.

  • V-LOCK's design improves safety for pool users, especially children. It simplifies compliant construction for industry and intuitively encourages ongoing safe use. V-LOCK's discreet design ensures that it doesn't detract from the surrounding landscape architecture. Furthermore, V-LOCK's durable construction and materials make it long-lasting, even in harsh pool environments. V-LOCK is the only lockable concealed polymer skimmer lid available in the Australian market, and has received overwhelmingly positive responses from consumers and industry alike. It has surpassed sales expectations and garnered strong interest overseas, driving business growth and enabling AQUEA to expand into international markets for the first time.

  • The V-LOCK Lid's other key features include: •The lockable design and polymer construction solves critical safety and compliance issues for consumers and industry. •V-LOCK is the only polymer lid able to support inlays down to 8mm thick, with models to suit popular finishes including tile, stone and timber. •V-LOCK lids feature several common parts across models, and fastener-free assembly for optimal production efficiency. •The locking mechanism retains key so it can only be removed once lid is locked in place ensuring safety for pool users. •Discreet perimeter venting and lockable design ensures compliance with safety standard (AS1926.3) irrespective of lid weight. •Polymer construction eliminates need for electrical bonding for compliance with electrical safety regulations. •The V-LOCK Lid Kit includes inlay cutting templates and adhesive to assist installers. •Lid Installation and inlay fitment (including signature 'V' cut-out) is easily completed with standard tools. •Once installed, only the flush-fit perimeter frame is visible, blending seamlessly into pool deck, while the stainless-steel trim includes discreet engraved graphics for a refined finish. •Rigorous engineering and reinforced polymer ensure V-LOCK lids are tough, durable and resistant to UV and pool chemicals without risk of ‘tea-staining’ or corrosion.