V-Comb A1

  • 2020

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

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ToLife Technologies Pty Ltd

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The V-Comb A1 is the newest innovation in the head lice treatment field. It is a rechargeable, chemical-free device that eliminates head lice and eggs with the ease of combing the hair. Its battery-powered vacuum extracts head lice and eggs into hygienic capture filters with a hands-free disposal system.

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  • Head lice infestations have become a global issue and not enough effective solutions are available to families and schools. The NSW Government claims that 23% of primary school-aged children are affected by head lice. However, on the shelves, the only available treatment options are mostly 1) manual nit combs which are tedious and messy to use and 2) chemical-based solutions that are likely harmful to children and have grown to be ineffective. Studies have shown that head lice are now genetically-resistant to these chemicals most commonly used to treat them, creating the need for a chemical-free, mess-free, and user-friendly alternative.

  • The V-Comb A1 meets the need for a chemical-free treatment by providing a solution that primarily uses the effective way of combing, paired with the added benefit of suction power. It addresses the need for a hygienic mess-free treatment by using vacuum power and capture filters that automatically seal to prevent the need for handling the nasty bugs. It also provides parents with a convenient and user-friendly device which they can use to treat wherever and whenever they need on a single charge. Moreover, the product solves the re-infestation issue as it can be used as many times as needed.

  • The V-Comb A1 is packaged in a reusable storage container that allows users to store the device and its accessories after use to prevent loss of essential items. This packaging also requires less space on the shelf and while creating a distinct eye-catching design. More than this, the V-Comb A1 creates a solution to the head lice global problem affecting families in various aspects. It eliminates the need for children to take time off school when they get infested, allows parents to spend less time on treating, and provides them with a cost-effective solution (compared to purchasing shampoos multiple times).

  • - Multiple combing angles with a compact build for ergonomic handling - LED-illuminated capture filter compartment to provide immediate visible results - Hands-free disposal system with automatically sealing capture filters - Battery-powered vacuum, enough to treat multiple times on a single charge - Stainless-steel teeth with rounded edges (gentle on the head, tough on head lice)