• 2017

  • Digital

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Blackmagic Design

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The URSA Mini OS is a firmware upgrade for the URSA Mini camera that pushes the boundaries of usability and innovation in the TV and Film industry. Carefully considered functionality and visual design combine to provide something unique in that space: A clear, fluent and enjoyable user experience.

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  • We paid careful attention to creating a user interface with a visual design that prioritised clarity, understanding and pattern recognition. The chosen typeface is optimised for the screen: Even strokes, large counters and consistent rhythm ensures high levels of readability at a number of sizes and weights. A modular based menu system reduces comprehension and selection time and allows for future scalability. The colour scheme is restrained yet distinct. It provides a high level of contrast in all lighting conditions while being subtle enough to not induce operator fatigue. Icons are crafted to be strong, unambiguous and easy to recognise both individually and as a family.

  • Repeated usability testing in real working scenarios provided the insights to make improvements down to the smallest detail of functionality. This was extremely valuable in creating an experience that is optimised for the workflow of industry professionals. The UI is intuitive, clear and quick to operate. Each of the primary camera controls is one touch away, and can be adjusted while still observing the picture. No menus or sub menus to navigate frees up valuable shooting time. The menu structure of tabs combined with pages has only 2 levels. This minimises confusion and comprehension time, especially for new users. The faster filmmakers can work, the more creative they can be.

  • The URSA Mini OS sets a new standard in the film making world for usability, functionality and aesthetic. It brings the well established usability patterns of mobile development and a unique visual elegance to a market that is renowned for poor usability and idiosyncratic operating systems. It utilises the existing camera technology in a totally new way by having each feature run as a separate high performance app. This increases overall performance while also allowing for an innovative world first feature: Flicker Free Suggested Shutter Angles.

  • Content and Quality

    The quality of design and usability in the URSA Mini OS vastly exceeds customer expectations at any price point in the camera market. At Blackmagic Design the philosophy is to make it easier, faster, and more affordable for people to work and be creative.