TwoCollaborate’s Change Kit

  • 2023

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TwoCollaborate PTY LTD

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The TwoCollaborate’s ‘Change Kit’ aims to simplify the process of selecting the best methods, activities & tools in the context of change. Each artefact comes with a framework for readers to draw inspiration & ensure quality outcomes.

The toolkit is for any individual, team, organisation or organising system that deals with change.

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  • The change industry is a $200+ billion market with double digit growth, whilst project failure is on the rise. Top firms claim that up to 70% of transformations fail! Individuals, teams & organisations currently face countless big, complex & messy programs. They address social, political & environmental challenges - responding to climate change to equality to AI. Leaders often select an approach by 'default', rather than by ‘design'. The right approach requires a flexible & intimate understanding of factors at play, enabling us to identify opportunities and the approach to organisational change. The toolkit offers a range of best practices as inspiration & as a baseline.

  • The Change Kit is the result of a five-year journey of research, prototypes & trials. TwoCollaborate started by identifying 950+ approaches that facilitate change. The team then categorised these approaches into methods, activities & tools. We organised our findings based on intended output, outcomes & designed proprietary frameworks to support the selection process. We have also developed a timeline to show the development of these theories & approaches chronologically. We've validated our material with academia from three universities, tested bespoke approaches with 50+ organisations & developed a five-day training program. As a result we've developed two books, and a set of cards to navigate change.

  • We use our kit to design any kind of meaningful & sustainable change program. Recently we designed: Forums - for remote indigenous communities in Cape York to share their health concerns & priorities. - to bring together 650+ academia & 100+ projects to inspire, exchange experiences & best practices. - with immersive labs to help share the challenges & lived experiences of homelessness & drug abuse. Programs - for 85+ stakeholders in the Pacific to align on Fiji's water challenges & developed a high level roadmap for the next 25 years. - for 65+ stakeholders in Illawarra to re-imagine a renewable & green region (using hydrogen, solar & wind power). and many more.

  • The Change toolkit consists of three artefacts: - Method Book with 24 methods - Activity Book with 88 activities - Change Cards with 165 drivers of organisational change The Method Book The book provides context and theory. The methods are categorised through a proprietary framework with four main goals: transformational, transactional, strategic and tactical change approaches. The book also provides a view where the methods and activities are sequenced by time they were developed. The Activity Book The activities are categorised by a proprietary 'periodic' style table with eleven main objectives: to energise teams, strengthen teams, learn, define, align, map, share, decide, test, prototype or plan. Each of these objectives offers a range of eight activities that vary between transactional outputs or transformational outcomes - meaning that they work towards something tangible like an optimised process, improve ways of working within a team or organisation or a combination. The Change Cards The cards are categorised through the PESTLE framework: political, economical, social, technological, legal & environmental factors. Its primary aim is to provide a baseline of considerations, align on language & provide practical examples of business impact. They can also be used to test solutions through various additional constraints or considerations to improve solution quality.