TRED Outdoors GT Levelling Ramp

  • 2023

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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TRED Outdoors

Ty Hermans

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The TRED Outdoors GT Levelling Ramp is a complete all in one solution for levelling any caravan or RV. It houses x2 5000kg rated tandem axle compatible levelling ramps, x2 wheel chocks/stops and x4 anti-sink plates. Each part links together when not in use to minimize required storage space.

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  • Space, weight, comfort and safety are some of the most critical factors when it comes to designing for caravans and RV's. Space is precious with no room for excess. Weight is often a liability with a lot of caravans on the road now predicted to be overweight. Comfort is crucial-especially with the grey nomads and safety is always a non-negotiable. These factors all had to be addressed when designing the ultimate all-in-one levelling ramp solution.

  • Extensive research was used to design a ramp that could be used by all caravans/RV's. The dimensions allow for up to 115mm of lift and the extra wide width allows for safe use even with off-road tyres. The single gradient ramp was preferred over the traditional step style ramp to allow for full tyre contact and precise levelling even with larger diameter wheels. A hollow hex design allows for a full flat surface to make ground contact preventing sinking while also supporting up to 5000kg. The removable chocks lock securely in place and allow for use with tandem axles.

  • The TRED Outdoors Levelling Ramp has impacted the TRED community in several ways. Local manufacture was a huge driver for this project as TRED Outdoors prides itself on being 100% Australian made, designed, and and owned. This has resulted in increased employment at both the manufacturer (The Evolve Group ) and TRED. Commercially the Levelling Ramp has increased our market penetration with supply contracts being signed with several major local and US retailers. Material wise we manufactured the Levelling Ramp from a recycled PP from our own in-house recycling company, Resitech, which will also look to recycle it at its end-of-life.

  • The TRED Outdoors Levelling Ramp was purposely designed with logistics in mind as the US market was targeted as a key market. To enable continued production in Australia the Levelling Ramp design was optimised to nest on a export shipping pallet with minimal free space.