Transforming the form, for a better transition to school .


Almost 100,000 students start kindergarten in NSW each year. The Transition to School Statement provides a snapshot of each child. It helps link the Early Learning Framework to kindergarten, by assessing the child’s readiness to transition to school, which better enables a teacher to develop a child learning plan.

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  • Previously the transition to school statement was a paper-based service that provides information to teachers from early childhood educators. Only 20% of paper-based forms were making it from early childhood educators to primary school teachers. The team’s brief was to redesign the experience to increase the uptake and quality of information provided to teachers, so that they could create a safe and welcoming environment for students.

  • We reimagined the transition statement as a digital service that enables communication and information sharing between early childhood educators, parents and teachers. With greater verification and access to accurate data, the new digital transition statement means teachers can use the system to better support children in the classroom. As part of the brief we presented designs to stakeholders around NSW. We used this as an opportunity to test our prototype with 120+ users in metro and regional NSW, and create a service that seamlessly integrates with the lives of teachers.

  • Through researching with 120+ users we found that teachers valued behavioural and social insights on children. We designed the product to provide them with the most valuable info, which helps teachers to prepare the right support network for children starting school. Research shows that teachers are busy, overworked and stressed. The product was designed to fit into their lives - as teachers are likely to complete the form in multiple sessions, the product allows them to save and exit their progress with ease and confidence.

  • The reimagined service delivered on the original intent of the statement, by providing a tangible way to use the service. It built a narrative, taking a human centered design approach, that was co-designed with the Department, teachers and parents. The design helped secure funding for a second phase, to build the transition to school product. “Mentally Friendly provided an exceptional service in user research, ideation (via a design thinking process) and concept development. Their approach was highly engaging, managing a range of stakeholders across the department … The output was clearly articulate and key to moving the project forward as it secured funding for subsequent phases. The way they worked also educated the department in an agile/design thinking approach.” Peter Buckmaster Director of Digital Experience Design, NSW DOE "Mentally Friendly drove and delivered a human centred approach through intensive and broad user research and testing to ensure the product was designed with as many different users types from across NSW at its core… Mentally Friendly brought a strong action bias to the project, moving from research and strategy to delivery in an extremely quick timeframe which was critical for our stakeholders and the Department." Oscar Cortez, NSW Education.