Training the Next Generation of Storymakers and Storytellers with Netflix

  • 2023

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

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Netflix’s Discovery Hub is a digital learning platform, supporting and inspiring storytellers and story makers around the globe to excel in their craft.

Created in collaboration with Netflix to scale existing on-the-ground industry training. It provides access to skills-based learning content straight from Netflix experts.

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  • Grow Creative’s mission is to build the next generation of global storytellers and crew by providing world-class training and education. Netflix’s impact is in storytelling to a global audience and Grow Creative supports that by developing industry talent and improving diversity and inclusion on film and TV productions around the world. Having successfully developed a model for in-person training, they now needed to scale their impact and reach more learners. The Brief: Design and launch a world class digital learning platform that would meet learners where they are and connect them to training from the best Netflix practitioners and more.

  • A digital learning platform co-designed with experts and learners across 14 countries. For learners it: Curates content based on personal goals and interests - Learning feeds recommend content for diverse topics, regions, languages and experience levels. Growing with individuals over time. Inspires new learning opportunities - Discovery features help learners broaden their skill-sets and find inspiration to realise their full potential. Broadens representation and empathy - Learning content based on real stories, people, and productions. Delivering practical skills with real-world application. Celebration and recognition - Completing courses unlocks achievements that can be shared on professional networks. Helping Netflix find exceptional local talent.

  • For learners it means access to exclusive content that teaches industry and Netflix-specific best practices and creates a sense of belonging in the Grow Creative program. For industry experts it’s a place to share their expert knowledge and Netflix experiences. From the production pipeline to behind the camera. For Grow Creative it enables tracking and measurement of learner progress and the ability to address skill and inclusion gaps in the industry. For Netflix it means nurturing and retaining talent across the globe while increasing the representation of different lived experiences and perspectives in storytelling.

  • To design and build a global digital learning platform that meets the needs of diverse backgrounds, regions and industry roles, it was essential to have a rigorous process of co-creation, testing and validation. We ran 39 hours of 1:1 testing with learners and industry professionals in 14 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Africa to validate real learner needs. We co-designed and tested with 11 Netflix Grow Creative Managers who are responsible for planning and delivering on-the-ground training and identifying local talent. The invite-only platform is designed to complement the in-person training experiences of working on a Netflix production, attending a Grow Creative workshop or trainee program as well as stand on its own.