• 2015

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    Consumer Electronics

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  • REDARC Electronics & Proen Design Australia

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REDARC Electronics

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Tow-Pro is an electric trailer brake controller designed to suit most common trailer braking applications whilst requiring minimal dash space and being simple to install and operate.
Tow-Pro offers selectable automatic (inertia sensing) or user controlled trailer braking modes allowing the user to choose the braking style depending on the road or terrain conditions, vehicle type or driver preference.
The unit is able to operate both electric and electric/hydraulic trailer brakes without manual selection and will operate from either 12 or 24 volt vehicle systems without the need for extra components or wiring. The unit is also ADR compliant when installed as directed.

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  • In Australia, Electronic Trailer Brake controllers are required for trailers between 750kg and 4.5t. Historically brake controllers applied a signal to the brakes to produce a set level of braking. More recently, mechanical pendulum type designs allowed braking proportional to the vehicle level of braking. The Tow-Pro features the latest in accelerometer technology and our patented brake application algorithm. When coupled with our ADR approved dash mount controls, this platform provides a new level of braking safety for the consumer.

  • The remote head can be seamlessly mounted in a blank switch panel or an unused area of the dashboard or center console within the vision and easy reach of the driver. The advantage of flexible mounting locations overcomes the intrusion of traditional brake controllers into the driver's leg space and potential interference with lower leg airbags in newer vehicles. The Tow-Pro is designed to have minimal impact on the vehicle dashboard and can be mounted in vehicle head impact zones and still comply with Australian Design Rule 21. This means that you can safely mount the unit controls on the dash in a convenient location whilst mounting the main unit, in any orientation, hidden under the dashboard.

  • The Tow-Pro is the first Electronic Trailer Brake Controller released to the Australian market incorporating both 'Automatic' (inertia sensing proportional braking) and 'User-Controlled' braking application methods. Inertia Sensing offers the user a smooth and reassuring feel, no matter how big the load or the type of road conditions, making Automatic mode perfect for dirt-road, city, and highway driving alike. Conversely, User-Controlled (Gain Control) braking is perfect for off-roading as it offers precise control of the braking force to the trailer, independent of the vehicle braking force. River crossings, steep ascents/descents and hill-starts are where User-Controlled mode excels.

  • Designed as a one-stop solution for trailer braking installations, the Tow-Pro is also suitable for use on standard electric brake and electric /hydraulic brake installations. Uniquely, the unit output algorithm is suitable for activating electric/hydraulic brakes in most circumstances without the need for external circuitry. In some instances a load resistor is required. The Tow-Pro can be used in towing vehicles with either 12V or 24V electrical systems, to suit both passenger vehicle and commercial applications, without the need for additional adaptors. It automatically senses vehicle system voltage and applies a suitable output to operate 12V electric trailer brakes.

    Whilst Automatic (inertia or proportional) braking has been a feature of some other brands of controller for a number of years, all other controllers require the body of the unit to be mounted in a particular orientation relative to the axes of the vehicle, further restricting the options for mounting location. The Tow-Pro's 3-axis accelerometer allows the unit to be mounted in any orientation. Measuring along all three axes also allowed REDARC engineers to adjust the braking profile to suit conditions such as ascents, descents, turning, and reversing to ensure that the trailer brakes feels like an extension of the vehicle braking.

    In order to help convey the value of the product and an OEM feel, REDARC adopted an industrial design process from the conception of the Tow-Pro product. The industrial design process ensured that the product was simple and quick to assemble whilst at the same time looking 'high-end' to integrate with all vehicles on the market. The main unit features smooth lines and a contemporary style conducive with high-end automotive styling whilst incorporating connection and mounting points to make the installation process easy. The controls feature a textured black control knob with an understated white logo allowing for a subtle user-friendly interface no matter what vehicle dash or console it is installed into.