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  • 2022

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The Together We Can campaign brand and website gives people a voice in the climate change conversation, encouraging advocacy through storytelling. Designed and built by Today—with the Australian Conservation Foundation—it shows the Australian Government that people of all walks of life, all over the country, are demanding change now.

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  • Our challenge was to design a platform that clearly showed the government that majority of Australians want action on climate change now, not in 2050. Climate change is no longer a polarising issue, the government’s only option is to act. Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) had gathered qualitative (stories) and quantitative (Poll) data, and we needed to use these to design a compelling experience and call to action to present to government at election time. Our solution needed to engage and enable individuals, groups and businesses who have not taken advocacy action before, to do so without friction.

  • It was important to ensure people felt safe to share their voice on climate action. Research revealed the audience feared they would be labelled as extreme if they spoke up in hostile environments. Our solution uses personal stories that share a tangible experience others can relate to. These stories successful in evoking an emotional respose and inspiring others to take action and add their voice to the cause. Together We Can prioritises clear action over dense information. The audience didn't need to know the details of 'how' in order to share their personal experience and demand action from leaders.

  • Together We Can starts conversation where they may not have been had before. It shows Australians that people completely different to them can have similar views on climate change—from a coal miner, to a teacher, to a farmer, to a school student, to a lifesaver, to a pensioner—helping them feel part of a mainstream movement. Together We Can brings people together and shows federal, state and local governments that climate change isn’t just a ‘left’ issue—it’s everyone's. ACF are taking the diverse voices of Australians to Canberra after the 2022 election because we need climate action now.

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