Tiny Town

  • 2020

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Play9 Studios

Commissioned By:

Play9 Studios

Designed In:


Inspired by the Tiny world from a Bugs point-of-view: Tiny Town brings to life objects from an “insect” world creating a small yet desirable Playspace. With sensory play products that blur the line between physical & digital play, this space was designed to elevate a family experience at this high-end shopping-mall.

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  • Tasked with a small space and an area of a shopping mall with high-end brands - our challenge was to create a Play Space that a created calm, quiet, low-level of play. This meant ensuring, from a design point of view, that this place space was designed to respectfully both stand out and blend in, to suit this high-end area of the Fashion Mall. Drawing parents to this end of the mall - welcomed them to visit retail boutiques such as Saks Fifth Avenue - with their children.

  • The solution was to create a space, with items that looked part sculptural, part play. The use of materials such as glacier white corian, mixed colour pops, light and sound, created a controllable level of ambiance. Inspired by a bugs world, the nod to nature mixed with technology provided a futuristic feel: Leaf shaped flooring, giant stepping stones, a sensory Egg with calm story telling and reactive lighting, a giant pebble housing interactive gaming, an oversized leaf containing an Augmented photo moment.

  • The traffic to this end of the mall - from an audience who may usually would feel uncomfortable bringing their children to hi-end boutiques increased, as did sales. Showing that play can be equally stunning and playful, in small spaces - while using the power of digital to control the level of play.

  • Backed by our own IM platform: our client has the option to access real-time anonymous usage analytics as well as real-time game control: with the option of scheduling games from the wider Play9 Library (all games design & built by us). While the space is themed Tiny Town (suiting the Tiny Town game pack) the pieces are specifically designed to work in with a range of other games from an underwater world to a space theme, the power of changing the content: keeps this space fresh.