• 2019

  • Next Gen

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Evangeline Sarney

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The thermoplug fills the opening in the Thermomix® mixing bowl which is created when the mixing blade is removed. The thermoplug fills and transforms the Thermomix® bowl, allowing users to scoop out mixtures without damaging utensils on the blades and stir ingredients without having to transfer mixture to a separate bowl.

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  • From the moment my mother purchased a Thermomix® for our family, the first thing my mother and I said to each other was "why do we have a jug with a hole in it?" it seemed kind of silly. Each time we used the Thermomix® we both said "why hasn't someone invented a plug or something to close it off" and "I'm surprised something doesn't exist yet” months passed and a year later I turned to my mother and said "you know what? I’m going to make a “thermoplug”

  • With the help of a local engineer I was able to create a product which was custom designed to fit the Thermomix® and had high visual appeal, tying in with Thermomix® branding. It was important the product sealed the bowl, was high quality, Australian made, dishwasher safe, food safe, heat sensitive, easy to use and didn’t damage the Thermomix®. I did come across some challenges, but I was able to create a product that successfully fit into the Thermomix® mixing bowl, creating a water-tight “plug” effect and ultimately transforming the Thermomix® mixing bowl into a multi-use stainless steel kitchen bowl.

  • When creating the “thermoplug” I was adamant on having a product that was 100% Australian made. I personally try to buy 100% Australian produce and products wherever possible as I believe that it's important to support the Australian Economy, businesses, jobs and infrastructure. I was born and raised in a small country town in South Australia and strongly believe and understand the importance of why we should be supporting and investing locally and nationally in the country I call home, Australia.

  • The “thermoplug” is a 100% first of its kind accessory for the Thermomix®. The product is 100% made in Australia and features stainless steel and food safe materials. As the “thermoplug” allows users to scoop out every last bit of mixture (something that cannot be done safely with the blade inserted) it results in less food waste. Users can replace the blade with the plug to stir in mixtures and use traditional cooking methods + Thermomix® cooking methods without having to use multiple kitchen bowls and cookware. This takes up less bench space and results in less dishwashing. Removal and replacement of the blade using the “thermoplug” makes cooking with children safer and easier. Children can be part of the cooking process without parents fear of them cutting themselves on the blade. The “thermoplug” is user friendly and simple to use for its intended customer base as it utilizes the original and familiar Thermomix® mixing bowl base/foot to ergonomically secure the “thermoplug” into place