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ThermoBrush is a new innovative brush, specifically designed to clean Thermomix® blades. Our Patented brush, is molded to the shape of the blade, giving that gap a superior clean. Thermomix® is an all in one cooking appliance sold world wide.

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  • After purchasing a Thermomix® in 2014, I soon discovered that the blade system was not that easy to clean. After much research, I saw an opportunity for a specifically designed brush to clean the blades. I discovered that most people were using disposable mascara brushes! 90% of those brushes being used only once and then ending up in landfill. This was not good on the environment, and was still time consuming to clean the blade. There was a need for a hygienic and reusable brush.

  • My vision for the ThermoBrush was very clear from the start. I wanted a brush that was easy to use, and that gave the gap in the blade a superior clean. The brush was designed to mold around the base of the blade, making it an easy, one-motion cleaning step. The brush needed to be food grade, and of high quality. I recognized the importance of supporting the local manufacturing industry, an industry which has been in decline over recent years.

  • On 1st December 2016, we launched ThermoBrush to the Australian market. Our 2 week pre-sale, saw 1 brush being sold every 10 minutes! Within 3 weeks, we had sold to 5 continents. I work closely with our South Australian manufacturer, to produce a superior product. Cresta Plastics is now able to grow their business alongside ours, and their commitment to scale production capacity as we grow is outstanding. Thermomix® Australia and Thermomix® Denmark, now stock and supply our ThermoBrush to their customers. Our retail growth rate is 40% in 2017. Our wholesale production has increased by 4000%

  • ThermoBrush was nominated for an AusMumpreneur award 3 months after our launch. We won 3rd place for the Product Innovation category at the AusMumpreneur Awards in 2017. ThermoBrush is a top 10 finalist at the Australian Small Business Awards in Sydney on 21st April 2018. A finalist from over 2000 applicants. We are currently writing 2 new Distributor Agreements up for another 2 Thermomix® countires asking to stock and supply our brush. Our recent launch to and Amazon Europe, has seen an increase in international sales, with UK and Europe outselling Australian 3/1.