The SMART Playground

  • 2014

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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“The most efficient, most productive, most useful aspect of branding is creating a new category.” -Al and Laura Ries

Introducing the 21st century SMART Playground. KOMPAN has developed a revolutionary new product, which connects the physical playground to a digital curriculum compliant learning experience, something never seen before in the industry. Combining the popular world renowned fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen (The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling and The Tinderbox) with physical play equipment and a digital layer which enables educational aspects to be incorporated. The SMART playground by KOMPAN is the worlds first true multidimensional playground.

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  • The SMART Playground has been developed to enable age appropriate physical and cognitive challenges. By thematizing the equipment based on the popular Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales, it is perfectly geared to enhance the critical learning stages of children from ages 1-8. - Fairytales sparks the role play and imagination of a child (kick starts play and interaction for children) - Stimulating storytelling appeal - Sparks active use of language (challenging children in communication and language) - It unites children and adults through a common reference frame, facilitating child/adult interaction.

  • In response to the changing lifestyles of children of today. A growing number of children globally lead increasingly sedentary lifestyles indoors, with technology, rather than outdoors and with adult role models. This negatively affects their physical, social and not least language development. With the SMART playground, KOMPAN has used children's interest in technology as an asset to engage them in outdoor play.The universe and characters are featured in the apps. Sparking the imagination of children and opening the door for themed play. It offers children aged 1-8 physical and cognitive challenges to improve their physical health, learning, and social skills.

  • A digital interactive layer is brought to life through smart phones and tablets, with free downloadable apps full of games and learning materials designed to encourage language stimulating play and learning for the age group. Children and adults simply scan the play structure or the QR code on the structure with their smart device and watch as cartoon graphics appear in the playground, themed around the most popular fairy-tales by Hans Christian Andersen. The app that links to the playground are accessed through QR codes found on the play structure or via Apple and Android app stores.

  • The challenge was to develop an concept were we combine the physical playground with a digital learning concept, within the same strong theme. The physical playground has to work as a age appropriated playground both with and without the digital solutions. The design of the facades tells the story by itself. Curriculum relevant learning materials were designed to encourage language stimulating and learning for children 1-8. Teaching guides which follow the national quality framework for curriculum were also designed so that teachers can build there coursework for students based on learning outcomes achieved through play on the equipment.