The People’s Echo: Advancing Baw Baw


Baw Baw Shire Council supports its community amid growth and development. To promote advocacy priorities and engage the community to increase funding, a Community Engagement brand platform is needed. The People’s Echo: Advancing Baw Baw is a playful yet professional design system to achieve the council’s goals.

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  • Experiencing unprecedented growth and development, Baw Baw Shire Council struggle with promoting its advocacy priorities to State and Federal Governments, raising awareness of these priorities in the community - engaging them to take action to increase funding to advance the region. We need to create a Community Engagement Platform that promotes priorities and engages the community. As the government-industry could sometimes be too corporate and outdated, we need to create an innovative design system that is modern yet relevant, bringing life to Baw Baw Shire’s identity and being strong enough to engage the public and gain parliamentary support.

  • Inspired by the community and using a people-first approach, The People's Echo: Advancing Baw Baw's new branding balances familiarity and distinction. It creates a flexible, modern, and organic brand that evolves with community needs. The resulting logo represents the connection between the major towns in the Shire and the expanding concept, symbolising unity and diversity. Adopting a playful yet corporate approach, the brand stands out from competitors and promotes community priorities while achieving the council's advocacy goals.

  • The new brand has gained the trust of the community and is now a vehicle to impact the population in a fresher way. Translating the community’s diversity into personalised forms and colours, the brand was well-received by the community as it represents a modern, capable, and inclusive region, raising awareness of the region's potential to the government and increasing funds. By putting the people of the Shire in the centre, The People's Echo: Advancing Baw Baw has given the people of Baw Baw a platform to redefine their contributions to regional priorities.

  • Advancing Baw Baw's innovative approach to branding goes beyond just creating a visual identity. We strive to immerse ourselves in the community and understand its unique essence to create a brand that truly resonates with its people. Our design system incorporates cutting-edge technology and creative techniques to create a brand that reflects the region, its community, and potential. We use key geographical points, shapes, colours, and patterns to create a design system that brings the region to life and sparks curiosity and interest in potential investors. As a brand created by and for the people, we aim to communicate the region's needs and increase community participation in its growth and development. At Advancing Baw Baw, we believe in the power of collaboration and co-creation. We work closely with the community to gather insights and feedback, ensuring that our brand strategy and design solutions meet their needs and expectations. Advancing Baw Baw is committed to serving the people of the region and promoting their needs and interests. Our goal is to showcase the potential of Baw Baw to the governments and achieve their advocacy goals. Our approach is founded on authenticity, knowledge, and passion, reflecting the spirit of Baw Baw Shire.