The Green Wing

  • 2014

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • 5th Dimension Design

Commissioned By:

Castpoints Pty Ltd

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The Green Wing is a hybrid point combining the ideal features of both a direct drill planting point and a cultivating point with a product life in excess of 10 times that of a pressed metal point. This point was designed to provide a solution for three environmental issues faced by today’s farmers:
– The impact over-tilling has on the soil structure, resulting soil degradation and moisture loss.
– Creating an environmentally sound alternative to reduce the reliance on herbicides for weed control.
– Making a conscious effort towards reducing the carbon footprint of modern farming.

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  • The center body of The Green Wing functions as a direct drill point incorporating design considerations to create the ideal angle and depth of entry to prepare the seed planting furrow with minimum soil disturbance and moisture loss. This improves germination and yield. The side wings are strategically placed to work at a different soil level to produce effective broad area cultivation either side of the seeding trench which provides weed control without the use of herbicides. The combination of materials used and strategic design ensure the integrity of the functionality is not compromised by wear and deformation.

  • Using cast steel for The Green Wing ensures the specific features and objectives of the design are not compromised by wear commonly seen with pressed metal points. The casting design in conjunction with the configuration of tungsten tiling ensures that the specific design features are maintained and the balance between planting and cultivating functions is retained. Casting also accommodates the design intent to provide the bulk of materials where they are most needed and to create specific shapes, recesses and fixing platforms allowing the tungsten tiling to be securely fixed into the body and wing as a seamless integration.

  • The leading nose tile is spigotted into the body of The Green Wing reinforcing attachment and prevents this and subsequent tiles from being dislodged during use. The strategic design of this nose tile provides a guard for nesting in subsequent tiles to create seamless integration of the tungsten tiling to the entire leading edge of The Green Wing. The leading edge protection, together with the tiling along the top face of the body, creates protection for the shank and adaptors whilst minimising secondary wear behind the tungsten tiling and maintaining the functional shape for the entire life of the point.

  • This ledge addresses the common problem of tungsten tiling and grit dislodging with use when applied as a surface attachment to other cast or pressed metal points. The Ledge is a strategically placed design feature within the casting providing bracing behind each tungsten tile to fortify their attachment and integration within the wing ensuring the tiles cannot be forced back or up to dislodge during use. Maintaining the placement of these tungsten tiles ensures the performance of the overall design is not compromised over time, and creates a product life in excess of 10 times that of pressed metal points.

    The combining of planting and cultivating functions into one point provides a cumulative environmental benefit. Cultivating at the time of planting reduces the need for spraying and requires only one pass through the ground, minimising soil disturbance, moisture loss, and soil compaction from heavy machinery use. Economies are also realised as time savings in the reduction of working hours and reduced machinery operating costs. The reduced use and cost of herbicides creates more sustainable farming practices. With the Castpoints range of adaptors The Green Wing is suitable for use with most brands and set up arrangements of tillage equipment.