The Farm

  • 2020

  • Product
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The Farm is our new worm farm, re-imagined from the ground up to improve worm well-being and productivity. Suited for smaller households who want to reduce their food waste impact, it is designed to fit in modern courtyards & balconies, and processes up to two litres of food scraps per week.

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  • We wanted to create a compact worm farm that was simple to use, beautiful to look at, and that everyone could afford – whilst providing a nurturing environment for hungry worms that maximised worm well-being. It had to be low maintenance for busy urban worm-farmers whilst withstanding up to a decade of outdoor use. Traditional low-cost worm farms are quite unsightly and include taps that often get clogged with sediment – resulting in tragic mass worm drownings. The Farm needed to look good, work better and be as light on the planet as possible – requiring locally sourced materials, manufacturing & distribution.

  • To achieve this challenging balance of form and function we pared the design right back and focused on the fundamentals. An approachable, almost playful overall form was co-designed with our partners and the functional aspects refined & integrated to maximise worm well-being parameters (airflow, moisture, temperature). We even added a worm-saver tray to ensure NO worm dies in vain! Affordability was also addressed (while injecting a sense of fun and personality) by offering a base system with a number of customisations; inc. colour and FSC certified wooden legs – a playful reminder that the Farm is home to thousands of living creatures.

  • We make the Farm in Melbourne, near our distribution centre, supporting local manufacturing and lowering its carbon footprint. We’re closing the loop on plastic waste by utilising locally sourced recycled plastic, to produce a product that recycles another waste stream! Once nestled in its new home the Farm gets to work converting 2L of food scraps a week into rich liquid and solid nutrients. Designed to turn heads it also sparks conversation, inspiring visitors to join the the war on waste themselves – greatly expanding the market for worm farming from 'greenies and gardeners' to a whole new conscious urban customer.

  • Pure of purpose, and designed to scale with its new family, the Farm is stackable and is designed to look good on any balcony or courtyard with its small footprint. A global first for worm farms, we offer a choice of colours providing purchasers with a chance to customise their Farm to suit their personality or decore. The optional low-cost plastic, or elegant FSC certified Tasmanian Oak legs, provide easier access for those who do not bend down easily, while increasing air-flow to reduce heat build up. We even supply an optional continuous-flow liquid fertiliser tube for automatic tapping of worm tea (along with a standard collection tray). Both are tap-less to avoid liquid build up due to sediment blockage. The Farm not only fills a missing niche in the home composting market for an elegantly designed, compact food waste processing device, it is good looking enough to be welcomed inside! (Properly managed there's no smell, so why not!?) We hope to encourage many more people to reduce their food waste to landfill, inspiring them to enrich their gardens and grow their own food, whilst nurturing their families, and ultimately – by creating greener/healthier urban landscapes – their local communities too!