The Breville Oracle™ Espresso Machine

  • 2014

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    Domestic Appliances

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  • Breville Group

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The ‘Third wave’ of specialty coffee; a movement toward the highest quality culinary appreciation of coffee, is creating unprecedented growth in the beverage market and is being driven by artisan roasters and coffee houses. Until now consumers have struggled to produce similar results at home. The Breville Oracle™ is the world’s first automatic manual espresso machine that brings true cafe quality to your home without the barista. The Oracle™ solves the tricky aspects of making quality espresso coffee at home by automating the most difficult tasks; grinding, dosing, tamping and milk texturing.

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  • Balanced espresso requires the right dose to be tamped perfectly level with consistent force every time, this skill is difficult to master even for seasoned baristas. The integrated grinder and rotary tamp seamlessly doses and tamps in one simple hands free operation. The tamp chamber encloses the portafilter to contain any mess whilst a motorized augur fan distributes and tamps the grinds into the portafilter. The fixed height augur ensures the correct volume of coffee is provided every time and a torque sensor measures the resistance of the compacted grinds automatically stops the operation at the ideal tamp force.

  • Creating velvety milk texture traditionally requires continual re-positioning of the steam wand and jug to allow air to be gradually integrated into the milk whilst heating to the right temperature. A challenge even for professionals. The hands free auto milk texturing system uses a dedicated pump to inject air directly into the steam to create milk texture with the wand immersed in any position. The electronically controlled pump allows the air/steam ratio to be adjusted for different drink styles (Cappuccino to Latte). A sensor in the wand stops the flow of air/steam when the desired milk temperature is reached.

  • The majority of US consumers use a drip filter coffeemaker to prepare their regular daily coffee. Our research indicated that US consumers considered espresso style coffee superior but less convenient and more suitable for special occasions and weekends. The simple one touch Long Black/Americano delivers a superior drip style coffee conveniently in one operation; a traditional espresso shot immediately followed by pure hot water through a dedicated spout directly into the cup. Separating the espresso and water delivery avoids the common mistake of delivering all the water through the coffee grinds which results in over extracted bitter and burnt flavours.

  • Espresso perfection requires precision temperature and pressure control. At its heart is a dual stainless steel boiler heating system and embedded element group head featuring electronic proportional-integral-derivative (PID) temperature control ensuring the entire coffee path maintains a consistent temperature. The dedicated espresso boiler temperature is adjustable for different bean roasts and origins. The separate steam boiler offers instant powerful steam on demand allowing coffee extraction and milk texturing simultaneously. Programmable low pressure pre-infusion gradually increases the pressure to gently expand the grinds for an even extraction. The culmination is cafe quality espresso only seen before in commercial units.

    One of the biggest challenges of achieving cafe quality at home has been the limitation of equipment. Domestic systems often lack the ability to achieve quality coffee and commercial systems are often too large and require a combination of individual function specific equipment. The Oracle™ has successfully condensed and integrated 3 systems: Triple Heat System, Grind and Tamp and Auto Steam Wand, all working seamlessly together in a convenient domestic friendly sized platform never seen in this market segment before.