• 2022

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • Lumio
  • Max Gunawan

Commissioned By:


Designed In:

United States of America

On its surface, Teno is a beautifully crafted bowl sculpture, made from natural sand. When cracked open, it comes alive, revealing soft, warm light that you can adjust with a simple tap. When fully open, it’s a powerful speaker, releasing a rich sound that you control through touch.

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  • Here at Lumio, we wanted to pivot away from the formulaic sameness that marks so much consumer technology, and from the planned obsolescence built into so many products. It was this urge that gave rise to Teno, a high-end speaker and warm light embedded in a beautiful handcrafted sculpture. Teno celebrates imperfection, delights the senses and gradually patinas over time. In place of that sleek disposability we see so often, it aims for a feeling that’s a little more human.

  • So much contemporary technology is designed to be obsolete in six months. Teno is a commentary on that trend, and hopefully a refutation of it. Instead of creating a “perfect” product only to be thrown away when the next iteration comes along, Teno is built to last. It’s also designed to be aesthetically “imperfect,” in the Japanese kintsugi tradition – its technology is activated by effectively breaking it in half. Imperfection is Teno’s essence, and permanence its goal. Our aim is to create something that’s more soulful than ordinary technology, a piece people will cherish for years to come.

  • Our creations engage the senses. Following our first product, the Lito book lamp, Teno represents our second step on this journey, emphasizing sound and touch. With Teno, the technology “disappears,” making the human experience front and center. In lieu of buttons or dials, users interact with this object simply through touch. Teno is also designed to be timeless. Unlike so many products marketed today, it develops a beautiful patina over the years. Rather than being forever thrown away and upgraded, Teno lives in your home like a precious piece of art.

  • High-quality sound - Beauty only goes so far. We equipped Teno with a powerful 45mm full-range driver that delivers deep bass and crystal-clear treble – all from an unseen source, emanating almost magically alongside the soft glow of this unique bowl sculpture. Intuitive and unique design - Teno is designed to delight. You crack it open to switch it on. It comes alive with intuitive finger gestures. Piece it back together to turn it off. Tactile and durable - The textured natural sand on the outside feels like you’re holding a piece of nature, while the hard inner shell provides the durability and precision that its technology requires. Portable - At 5” in diameter, Teno fits neatly in the palm of your hand. It’s small enough to be portable but substantial enough to feel solid. Designed to connect - Far from being another distracting piece of technology, Teno encourages users to connect with themselves and with their environment. Hold it in your hands and its vibrations impart a meditative feel — we think of it as a modern interpretation of a sound bowl. Its radiant light creates the kind of calming atmosphere we could all use a little more of.