Tea by Birdy

  • 2015

  • Communication

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  • The Box Office

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Tea by Birdy

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Luxury tea packaging for 80+ individual teas across eight tea categories: black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, iced teas, herbal infusions and health teas.

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  • The client came to us with the original brand name “Tea Goddess” and a directive that she wanted to relaunch her business from a low yield community market-based operation into one of the country's finest purveyors of luxury teas, targeting high end stockists such as luxury hotels, day spas, top tier food stores and direct-to-customer online sales. The brief was to bring sophistication and sensory delight back to tea drinking.

  • The brand name Tea Goddess was not appropriate to the intended target market, conveying a slightly too sexualised and hippy connotation. The client had been known by her nickname of “Birdy” since she was a child and with her deep knowledge of tea and her creativity in creating original and delicious hand made blends, our recommendation was to take an artisan approach to the brand. It needed a name that heralded exclusivity and craftsmanship, while maintaining accessibility and warmth. And so, Tea by Birdy was born.

  • As tea leaves are light sensitive, the packaging needed to protect the product from UV exposure (no window cutouts allowed) while being visually evocative and enticing. - Watercolour washes signify the intensity of tea leaves infusing into water. - Bird illustrations underpin the brand name. - Botanical graphics emphasise the health benefits of tea. - Brand identity design uses elegant typography in a simple round shape to reference the rim of a teacup with stylised droplets of tea. - Metallic foils bring a sense of luxury and opulence.

  • Over 80 tea blends (and growing) are offered across the eight tea categories. Each box holds a 150g bag of loose leaf tea, individually labelled with the tea blend name. Customers can choose to order a tea storage tin (also designed by us) for added airtight storage, or they can simply roll up the plastic bag and keep it in the box. Packs are simple to open and close with a magnet to keep them secure. Feedback on design and functionality has been very positive, with many customers reportedly collecting the range and keeping the packs once the tea is finished.

    Warehousing space was at a premium so we had to devise a packaging system that could be flat packed, minimising storage. It needed to be assembled quickly for efficient order packing and maintain a feeling of very high quality. Our unique rigid folding box fit this brief perfectly. Boxes fold completely flat and pop up in seconds with no assembly required, closing with a magnet. Due to the rigid construction, packs stack beautifully for retail displays and an added feature is the ability of the lid to fold back on itself into a roof shape, forming a “bird house” to expose the tea for display.

    Language surrounding the brand communication is sophisticated but fun, with copywriting reflecting a knowledgeable, sometimes irreverent approach to tea drinking - much like that of the wine industry. Flavour profiles and health benefits of tea are blended with information on plantation terroir in an informative way that helps the tea expert and novice alike to enjoy and enhance their exploration into the products of Tea by Birdy.

    The client directive was to design the packaging to reflect a price point of around $27+ per 150g pack, to promote connoisseurship and be commensurate with clientele in top tier hotels, day spas and other luxury retail environments. These products are hand sourced and blended and are not competing at FMCG or commodity tea level. This price point represents extremely good value for the quantity of tea provided in each pack, particularly when the tea is from a 'first flush' pick, or is from one of the world's gold standard tea estates. Client feedback on design ROI has been extremely positive, as the packaging is attracting both tea connoisseurs and design lovers alike.