Tascent InSight One

  • 2017

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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Tascent Inc

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InSight One is an iris and face recognition system that uses biometric technology to provide conclusive identity verification in airports, borders, and secure facilities.
Users approach InSight One and in seconds the device automatically captures biometric images from the user, verifies identity in real-time, and displays a pass or no pass symbol. In our security-challenged world this friendly design brings a more comfortable user experience at checkpoints, helps speed up queues, and reduces stress while adhering to strict safety measures. Delivering superb biometric performance in a compact, human-centric design, InSight One is changing the future of travel, access, and identity.

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  • InSight One is a device that delivers high quality biometric images in a friendly, unintimidating way. It has a sleek, elegant design while providing a simple, intuitive user interface that anyone can operate with minimal instruction and no prior technical knowledge. InSight One also has a unique modular mount scheme that allows for seamless integration into multiple environments for a variety of applications. Its friendly, approachable appearance encourages user adoption while complementing its surrounding architecture. InSight One's design and flawless functionality is indicative of an overall shift in biometrics from security to a capability that can improve personalization, convenience, efficiency, and security.

  • InSight One has a compact form factor and elegant design that is highlighted by the iconic oval light ring. When a user approaches the device, the oval light ring slowly illuminates, expressing a level of consciousness and intelligence. When ready to capture, InSight One gently floods the user's face with even light for a high-quality image, much like professional photography equipment. Its seamless design is matched by its leading-edge biometric technology that delivers precise, flawless functionality and hands-free operation, requiring no verbal or written instruction.

  • Traditional iris scanning devices look intimidating and often times provide a very intrusive experience. InSight One, on the other hand, has a human-centric approach to design and usability; it is appealing to the eye while delivering a fully-automated, contact-less process that lasts only 2 seconds. The easy-to-read icons and soft transitions of light also make for a calming experience in what could be a stressful environment. Developed with the comfort of the user in mind, InSight One provides an overall delightful identity verification experience.

  • The simplicity and aesthetic of Insight One's design piques the interest and attention of consumers. Today's consumers have an expectation of high design with user-centric interaction. InSight One provides secure identity with a mark of quality and appreciation for design. Another benefit of the Insight One design is the ability to blend into the architecture of airports and other secure environments, allowing Tascent to provide personal, accurate, and secure identity verification throughout the world.

    Airport and border security have recently become a topic of discussion and pressure point in society. With this in mind, Tascent strived to alleviate the stresses and hassle of travel by focusing on design and consideration instead of intimidation and invasiveness. With a human-centered approach, InSight One is setting the stage for the future of travel, access, and identity. It helps to speed queues, reduce stress, and improve customer satisfaction while providing secure identity verification.