Talkabout T82 Walkie-Talkie

  • 2018

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Motorola Solutions Innovation Design Team
  • Motorola Solutions Design Engineering Team

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions

Designed In:


The Talkabout T82 Series is a rugged personal two-way radio for outdoor active adventures. It is designed to withstand the harshest environments and keep users in touch in all outdoor conditions.

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  • Designers were challenged to create a consumer two-way radio communication device which survives the harsh, wet, and unpredictable conditions associated with outdoor activities. The Design brief also demanded a sleek, clean appearance intended to convey an approachable, usable, and intuitive solution. The final Design also needed to meet stringent impact and sealing specifications to assure reliable communication while achieving a cost and size which appeals to consumers.

  • The client is known for high performance commercial and Public Safety two-way radio solutions which are built to a no-compromise standard. This device brings proven reliability to the retail segment at a consumer oriented price point. Designers are motivated to develop projects like this as it allows exploration into different segments and serves to inform and influence the Design of the client's overall portfolio.

  • This Design enhances safety by keeping people connected in the extreme situations encountered in outdoor recreation activities. It is built to a standard of ruggedness which outlasts competitive offerings. This longevity means less obsolescence and need for disposal of a broken or outdated product. The solution includes rechargeable battery packs which offer up to 18 hours of runtime or optional high capacity versions for up to 26 hours of power. These eliminate the disposable batteries typically found in such devices. Overall, the longer product life cycle of the TALKABOUT T82 translates into less waste and greater end user satisfaction.

  • Users in this category require the ability to communicate without being interrupted by the operation of a complex device. The simple user interface includes the following: -A unique pairing feature enables groups to set radios to a common channel with a single button press. This keeps groups synchronized and in touch. -The LED display on the TALKABOUT T82 turns on to deliver information only when needed. Only icons relevant to the user are shown, which simplifies use. When the device in not in use the display is hidden. The result is a clean and sophisticated design. -The built in flashlight feature provides users with nighttime illumination without the need to carry another lighting device. -A hands free VOX feature enables user to communicate without touching the controls. The voice activated microphone allows full attention to other activities while still staying in touch. -A vibration alert function allows users to be alerted without disturbing others. -An emergency button, commonly seen only on mission critical devices, has been incorporated into the TALKABOUT T82. A 3 second press and hold activates a loud alarm along with the hands free (iVOX) feature enabling the user to transmit a call for help.