Tactica One

  • 2015

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

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  • Chijoff+Co

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Tactica One is a precision bottle opening tool for the premium drinking experience. In a world where the demand for premium beverages is increasing we wanted to create a premium tool that engaged with the consumer from the first touch. The Tactica One is made from a single high tech composite typically used in military and aerospace applications. Its design engages the user visually through its unique appearance and physically through its tactile surfaces. The composite material properties deliver exceptional functional performance in an ultra-lightweight and compact form.

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  • The Tactica One was created to allow the premium drinking experience to start from the moment a user opens their beverages. All too often this experience is diminished through the use of sub-standard bottle openers. The Tactica One changes this by delivering a precision tool that perfectly matches the premium consumer experience.

  • The Tactica One utilises a high tech composite to deliver outstanding functional performance in a revolutionary design form that pushes the limits of materials and technology. The flex tab provides the right amount of "give" to the user, to make opening bottles more comfortable, whilst still ensuring an underlying stiffness needed to resist the high forces at play.

  • Part of the experience is the way people connect through touch. The Tactica One was inspired by the formation of river pebbles and the way water and time create smooth textural surfaces...we wanted people to touch, feel and play. The exterior surfaces continue this theme with smooth rolling contours whereas the interior surfaces set against this with hard edged, polished faces. This contrast brings a textural playground to the user to explore and play.

  • As people carry more technology on a daily basis both size and weight was an key factor. The Tactica One weighs in at only 20g and at 140mm in length is smaller than the average mobile phone. Now everyone can comfortably carry their own precision tool to begin their adventures wherever they may be.

    In a competitive global environment often production heads to the cheapest country. The Tactica One was specifically designed to make local manufacture an asset. The entire design process simplified many elements and integrated as much as possible into the tooling resulting in a single part that requires no additional labour post injection. Localised production also ensures a high standard of production and quality control whilst maintaining fast turnaround times. All these elements deliver a premium product that is globally price competitive.