• 2023

  • Next Gen

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  • Aidan Whitby

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Aidan Whitby

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Introducing Supersend, a user-friendly technology designed to enhance the efficiency of commercial apiaries in Australia. Supersend enables beekeepers to remotely monitor their beehives with ease and precision, by measuring the weight of honey super boxes and sending the data to a user-friendly app via the 4G IoT network.

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  • Commercial beekeepers in Australia have to travel vast distances to check their hives which presents a significant challenge. Without onsite monitoring, hive performance can suffer due to delayed maintenance or missed opportunities to harvest honey. Current hive load scales on the market have not been designed with the user in mind. Other products have high initial and ongoing costs, minimal data security, unergonomic designs, lack of reliability and are not designed for Australian commercial beekeeping practices. This underscores the need for a more effective and efficient solution like Supersend to help beekeepers monitor their hives and optimize productivity.

  • Supersend includes four legs containing weight measuring cells that send data once per day to the connected app via the 4G IoT network. This greatly reduces the amount of trips to site just to check hives. The product can be placed beneath any standard commercial beehive. At a site containing 200 hives, only 5 of the hives need Supersend to gain a broad understanding of how all hives are operating. Supersend is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, cost effective, secure, and a user-centred solution that meets the unique needs of the Australian market.

  • Supersend has a significant impact on Australian commercial beekeeping by allowing beekeepers to remotely monitor hive performance, reducing the need for frequent and costly on-site visits. With Supersend, beekeepers can maximize honey production and efficiency while minimizing expenses, time spent traveling, and physical labor. This solution addresses the shortcomings of previous hive load scales, providing reliable and secure data on commercial hives. The reduction in travel time also greatly reduces vehicle emissions and helps commercial beekeepers improve efficiency during a time of mass destruction with the overrun of varoamite.

  • Supersend has a plywood base plate that results in increased bee activity compared to plastic. The legs of the product are made from UV stabilized polycarbonate, ensuring maximum longevity and impact resistance. The design of every part has been made so that it is easily repairable/interchangeable, and the app guides the user through this process. Symmetry between parts reduces unique part counts and ensures maximum cost efficiency of the product, while the lockout legs make transportation more effecient. Other products on the market require the beekeeper to remove the load scale while transporting the hive. Supersend reduces complexity by only measuring weight, which is the only data that commercial beekeepers require. The product has a a low ongoing cost, eliminating the need for exuberant monthly fees that other products charge. Supersend can also be stacked, making it easier to carry onto site. The included app makes it easy to track information that beekeepers need. All of these design considerations have been included to make the product user-friendly and efficient, resulting in an improvement in the productivity and profitability of Australian commercial beekeeping practices.