sunSmudg Packaging

  • 2015

  • Communication

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SunSmudg is a compact reusable sunscreen applicator. The users fills the product with their preferred sunscreen for an easy and mess free on the go application. As a new product category, the packaging is designed to stand out on the shelf and distinguish itself from other product categories. The floating design aims to make the product the hero, giving the consumer a 360 degree view of the product, while still providing full branding opportunity. The packaging has a frustration free, human centered approach that aims to make the opening experience easy and pleasurable. The sunSmudg packaging is designed for disassembly and is fully recyclable.

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  • The target market for sunSmudg is mothers with children under the age of 12. The packaging design provides a full view of the product, and provides clear and concise information about the product benefits. The abstract blue branding sleeve contrasts with the yellow product. Together they connotate sunlight, sea and sky, providing a context for the products usage. The rounded rectangular shape complements the product outline. In an effort to positively impact the users perception of the brand. We focused on making the opening experience as easy and intuitive as possible. The packaging is eco friendly which further reflects the target markets values.

  • The packaging aims to protects the product and display it in an effective way. It pops on the shelf and encourages curious users to interact with it. A slit in the branding sleeve allows for the optimal insertion of a hang cell. The packaging can both hang and stand on a shelf, and is suitable for POS as well as direct mail. The opening mechanism is clearly labeled with a call to action, and comes apart without the use of tools. The packaging can be re-closed and used to store spare sponges. sunSmudg packaging was designed to be intuitive with clarity of communication. It is optimised for both left or right handed opening and offers a frustration free opening experience.

  • The packaging has a unique form factor. The floating design makes the product the hero. It gives the consumer 360° visibility of the product while still giving ample real estate for branding. The customer knows what they are getting because they can see it and the product internals are depicted with illustrations. In this way the packaging reduces risk for the consumer and breaks down the barriers to purchase. The opening is frustration free and does not require tools to open. The packaging can be fully disassembled for recycling purposes or reused to store spare sponges. The front thermoform is designed symmetrically for unintentional assembly the wrong way which speeds up the assembly time.

  • The text is in bullet points and short text format. The bite sized information is written in everyday language and provides clear and effective communication. Linework illustrations demonstrate product usage to further aid in product understanding. Important details in the instructions are highlighted in white. A clearly identifiable web address and QR code allow for on-demand additional information. A strategic information hierarchy is organised according to the order in which the user is most likely to interact with the packaging. The matte uncoated card does not reflect light, which makes the graphics easy to read, and provides a nice contrast to the glossy thermoforms.

    sunSmudg offers a high perceived value packaging at a low price point, which helps keep the unit cost down. sunSmudg is the company's first product. The packaging has helped the product 'pop' on the shelf and establish sunSmudg as a recognisable brand. The packaging has received great feedback from customers, deeming it unique and easy to open. After a successful launch sunSmudg has sold over 1200 units (in the first 3 months) without considerable marketing efforts. New production orders have been placed, and the company is investing in new product development.

    The SunSmudg packaging is designed for full disassembly and does not require any tools to open. It can be re-closed (for spare sponge storage), or parts separated and recycled. Both thermoform parts, labels on them and the security sticker holding it all together are PET - the worlds most widely recycled plastic. If the security sticker is not removed all PET parts are grouped together for easy recycling. The back thermoform has an in-mould recycling symbol with material identification. The uncoated card is fully recyclable and printed with vegetable based inks. Where possible we minimised material thickness to keep material usage to a minimum.

    The packaging does not use any glue, staples or heat sealing to hold it together, and does not require tools to open. To open, simply pull the tab in the right corner clearly labeled “PULL”. The scallop in the thermoform allows maximum access to this tab. The first part of the perforation is straight cut, allowing for a larger grip area and aids with the tear. Once pulled, the branding sleeve falls away to expose two thermoforms held together by in-mould snaps. Pull these apart to remove the product. A security sticker on the bottom functions as a hinge, making the packaging re-closeable for storing spare sponges.