Suitpack Suit Carrying Luggage

  • 2014

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    Housewares and Objects

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  • CobaltNiche

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Suitpack Pty Ltd

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Suitpack is an innovative piece of luggage, designed to deliver unprecedented levels of performance in conveying suits without creasing or bunching. Until now, business travellers have relied on bulky suit bags and satchels that are awkward to pack and handle, and offer insufficient and unreliable protection against garment creasing when travelling. Suitpack’s unique design addresses the challenges of travelling with a suit, allowing the user to arrive at their destination with a garment that is ready to wear to that all important meeting.

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  • Suitpack's Layer Control System has been designed to allow the user to load their suit into the Suitpack in eigth simple and repeatable steps in less than two minutes. The layer control system is encased by Suitpack's external compression envelope. These elements ensure the suit is folded and supported with pressure applied only to targeted regions of the garment. The layer control system features contoured elements that support the body of the suit jacket and pants in folding. This support, the system's friction pads and the targeted compression, prevent garment movement and eliminate suit creasing during long journeys.

  • Suitpack's layer control system includes the structural t-bar element. The t-bar applies holding pressure to the suit while stowed and gives the Suitpack an overall structural rigidity that helps to protect the enclosed suit during the rigours of travel. The contoured handle of the t-bar performs the additional function of supporting the folding of the jacket arms to eliminate creasing. The specially designed contoured form of the t-bar handle allows the sleeves of small to extra-large suits to be folded without creasing.

  • The Suitpack's light, 2.5kg weight affords the traveller the same light weight mobility as a standard piece of carry-on luggage during air travel. A combination of injection moulded and aluminium parts form the core structural elements of the product, providing strength while minimising weight. The product's fabric laminated EVA outer casing provides a light weight and yet robust outer shell. The product's adjustable carry and shoulder strap, allows the user to carry their suit in their hand or over their shoulder - making their journey to and from the airport as simple and flexible as possible.

  • Suitpack can be packed within a standard medium sized suitcase with additional clothing or personal items for added luggage flexibility during travel. Business travelers can comfortably pack several suits this way when on extended trips. Suitpack also fits readily into aircraft overhead lockers, and is accepted by most airlines as carry-on luggage, allowing users flexibility whatever their travel preferences and packing needs.

    The Suitpack product and its method of packing and securing the garment during transit have been developed through several years of extensive research and development work. Starting with scientific research into the effects of pressure and humidity on clothing creases, progressing through numerous iterative rounds of physical prototyping and real world testing to arrive at a reliable and practical product with strong scientific principals; the development of Suitpack has resulted in its unique patent pending suit packing methodology.