Subaru Outback

  • 2015

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Designed By:

  • Fuji Heavy Industries

Commissioned By:

Fuji Heavy Industries

Designed In:


Subaru’s fifth generation All-Wheel Drive Outback SUV offers a suite of new technology, combined with sophisticated design and premium soft-touch interior trim that sets it apart from the crossover wagon pack. A new feature-packed infotainment system introduces a wide array of new functions, plus speech recognition. It shares the honour of safest ever Subaru along with new Liberty – achieving a five-star rating for occupant safety from the independent Australasian New Car Assessment Program, with a total score of 35.99 out of a maximum possible 37. Every Outback 2.5 and 3.6-litre variant is also equipped with the award-winning EyeSight┬« driver assist system, helping avoid accidents or reduce impact.

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  • New to Outback is the X-Mode feature that enhances driver safety and confidence on steep hills off-road, where the wagon's optimum ride height is also a significant advantage. With the push of a button, it allows drivers to safely and confidently navigate rough roads, slippery surfaces and steep inclines that would immobilize many other vehicles, due to spinning and slipping tyres. It provides off-road capability rivalling that of some heavy duty four wheel drives. X-Mode improves all-terrain performance on rough roads by optimizing integrated control of the engine, AWD and brakes. It uses Hill Descent Control to keep vehicle speed constant, providing peace-of-mind on steep descents.

  • Outback's even more spacious cabin shows incredible attention to design detail, with everything from seat stitching to soft touch surfaces, switchgear and noise insulation designed to produce an air of premium comfort. The wider opening doors, combined with high seating, make access and convenience easier than ever. The cavernous cargo area adds to practicality, along with a rear door-space step that makes roof loading and unloading of the integrated crossbars easier. The powered cargo door featured in range-topping variants includes a high-strength hanger for items such as wetsuits and the ability to set door opening height.

  • EyeSight in 2.5 & 3.6-litre variants includes multiple improvements & two new functions helping drivers avoid collisions, or reduce damage. The stereo camera is completely remodelled, achieving better active safety & less driver load. New: Colour recognition - can see and interpret brake lights; Pre-Collision Steering Assist - augmented collision prevention, using Vehicle Dynamics Control. If the possibility of collision with a vehicle or obstacle in front occurs, VDC activates to assist the driver in potentially avoiding it. Improved: Pre-Collision Braking - augmented with braking assistance; Adaptive Cruise Control - improved performance when vehicles cut in front of the car during traffic jams & on highways.

  • The Active Shutter Grille on Outback 2.5i variants is an innovative feature incorporated into the lower front air dam. It closes when driving to reduce resistance. It helps reduce friction and warms the engine faster when cold, increasing fuel efficiency. With the shutter open, negative pressure (air resistance) is generated. With the shutter closed, cool air reduces, to warm the engine up while also improving aerodynamic efficiency.

    Outback offers advanced infotainment with intuitive operation of multiple media. The wide and flat display is centrally located. Navigation and audio controls are simple, similar to smartphones and tablets. The screen is larger than a traditional Multi Function Display and positioned for easy viewing and access while driving. It offers summaries of relevant information on driving and fuel economy. The head unit has a visible, easy-to-use large LCD display, which has smartphone sensing and operational support. It features touch panel operation (flick, pinch and double tap), similar to smartphones. List selections (such as songs and phone directory) can be made via a steering wheel switch.