Styleware Nesting Bowl Collection

  • 2021

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    Housewares and Objects

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The Nesting Bowl Collection by Styleware is a set of four reusable nesting sealed bowls. These Australian designed bowls are perfect for the stylish sharing, serving and storage of food.

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Image: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll
Image: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll
Image: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll
Image: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll
Image: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll
Image: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll
Image: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll
Image: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll
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  • The challenge when selecting reusable sealed food containers is having to choose between poor quality plastic, leaky or unattractive options or non practical glass or ceramic alternatives. The designers were tasked with creating food containers which had a stylish timeless aesthetic that appealed to the modern day consumer, coupled with key parameters of success for everyday usage and convenience. These included liquid tight sealing, without any noticeable inner or outer lip or additional sealing mechanism, light weight and durable practicality, along with non-toxic, recyclable, microwave and dishwasher friendly materials, compact storage and stackable design.

  • Form and textural finishes combine to optimise function and aesthetics. Liquid tight sealing is created through subtle bowl flaring, an internal lid rim depression and strategically polished sealing surfaces. The lid tab incorporates an embossed logo and aids lid removal. Custom lid material provides flexibility for sealing efficiency and sufficient rigidity enabling additional plate like functionality. The flat lid enables stacking, and dimensional proportions across sizes ensure usage versatility and compact nesting storage. The microwave friendly, high impact strength bowl material optimises durability, maintains lightweight practicality and delivers premium feel. All materials are food grade, recyclable and dishwasher friendly.

  • Styleware's Nesting Bowl Collection encourages re-use and considered purchasing over single use plastic wastage, as well as end of life recycling, proving that good design can reduce consumption rather than add to it, and help to minimise our environmental impact. The Nesting Bowl Collection also lends itself to the improvement of quality of life, with usage encouraging social interaction and the sharing of key moments of celebration together. Investment in design differentiates the Nesting Bowl Collection which will significantly benefit Styleware's commercial success, brand development and growth and will also leverage all partners involved.

  • With premium aesthetics a key design objective, custom tooling and moulding techniques were developed to enable discrete placement of the lid injection point on the inner surface rather than the standard external surface where it diminishes visual appeal. The lengths of the lid rim across sizes went through several iterations to determine the final optimal dimensions to allow for ease of lid removal without compromising form or seal. The lid tab as a visual feature also aids lid removal and was strategically thickened to improve its function and durability. The seal was perfected across several refinements, with the polished seal surfaces, very subtle bowl flare and internal lid depression negating the need for an obvious external or internal lip or additional sealing mechanism such as an o-ring. This also enables the bowl to stand alone without a lid without compromising its aesthetic. Countless material trials utilising high performance polymers result in the perfect bowl weight that confirms premium quality without compromising light weight practicality. In addition careful material selection delivers top rack dishwasher capability for both components as well as microwave safe functionality for the bowl. All materials are BPA and phthalate free.