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MASS has been in business for over 5 years, but up until fairly recently, we’ve only had a splash page. Being a digital design business, we thought it was time we created a more extensive window into our studio and a better showcase of the work we have produced.

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  • It's important that people visiting our site immediately understand our emphasis on design, branding, micro-interactions and animation. We also wanted to express our 'no fuss' approach, letting the work speak for itself and giving our audience the opportunity to interpret our work without having to read lengthy slabs of copy.

  • We deliberately kept the overall user experience simple. We wanted to allow easy access to our portfolio and provide a concise amount of information about the studio. The brand is restrained, only appearing in black/white, however, case study pages are completely taken over by each client's colour palette. Layouts are designed to fill any screen size at the highest possible resolution. Static images, animation and interactive elements have been created in high fidelity vector where possible to suit retina screens and massive resolutions. The layout has been thoughtfully designed so that it responds perfectly to different breakpoints and devices.

  • Within one week of launching the MASS website, we received our first international new business lead. Two weeks later we were working on a new project for a Silicon Valley start-up. There is no doubt that the new MASS website has impacted the market's perception of the MASS studio. This is the first time we've showcased our work via a website that we can finally say is a good representation of what we do, who we are, and what it's like to work with us.

  • The website uses audio commentary throughout; an unusual way of providing additional information about our portfolio. The MASS logo mark is auto generated and changes every time. Fonts and the MASS logo 'bloat' on hover, there are interactive surprises throughout the experience, the website has a completely responsive interface that works on all devices and the site is completely content managed.