STTOKE Reusable Coffee Cup

  • 2018

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

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Sttoke Incorporated

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Sttoke is a product that represents Melbourne’s sophistication in coffee and fashion. The design objective was to produce a premium experience retaining the optimal temperature, allowing consistent first sip experience and alluring to the eyes from the sleek and premium outlook. It is a product of style and substance.

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  • * Cup has to be insulated more than an hour * Cup exterior must not feel the heat of the beverage in the cup * Material must not contaminate the taste of the beverage * Material has to be light enough that it’s comfortable to carry around * The drinking area has to shaped as such that it rest comfortably on the lips * Cup’s structure must be easy to hold that it rests comfortable in your hands, fits in car cup holder * 8oz in capacity, yet not bulky * Product must look sleek, minimalist, seamless and premium inside out

  • * Made with double walled vacuum insulated stainless steel, insulates beverages up to 3 hours, prevents the outer cup to turn hot to ease carrying – weigh only 183gm * Inside of the cup coated with a German engineered LGA approved non-stick ceramic coating by Greblon®, prevent contaminating beverage * Technical expertise allowed sleek shape, mouth area that is similar to a café cup - comfortable while drinking without lid, filling capacity of 8oz * Sleek shape allows comfortable hand grip, fits well into a car cup holder * Used an unconventional, expensive manufacturing process to create seamless looking design (in and out)

  • **Social/Environmental Impact:** We don’t see ourselves as a market leader in environmental impact as we are not the first reusable cup, but we believe the design approach of our product caters to a premium consumer that seeks an alternative cup in the market allowing them to participate in contributing to a sustainable future. **Commercial Impact:** We wanted to produce good product, which gives great value without charging a crazy price. With laser thin margin, we competitively priced STTOKE at $39, trusting consumer will see more value in STTOKE compare to our competitors, consequently rewarding us higher market share.

  • We put a lot of thoughts into the detail of this product, but the key approach to this product was experience. From the aesthetics to its function, we wanted to deliver a reusable cup with a premium experience similar to porcelain cup, starting with the design of the mouth area. STTOKE is first in its class applying Greblon® ceramic coating in a double walled vacuum insulated stainless steel cup to produce a continuous first sip experience till its last drop. It’s easy to clean, and because the ceramic is coated in a stainless steel, this ceramic cup is practically shatterproof. We added silicone pad bottom to make it slip proof, and to dampen the sound of the cup when one puts on a table. To avoid spilling, we made sure the lid was spill-proof allowing unsteady movements without worrying about coffee spilling out. The shape of the cup is meant to rest perfectly in the hands of a person on the thumb and the index finger to allow comfortable grip, at the same time rests well in the cup holder of a car too. Engraving can be done on the cup for personalization, which makes it premium in aesthetics overall.