Streamland Lion Mane Honey

  • 2021

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • Matt Grantham

Commissioned By:


Designed In:

New Zealand

Streamland are known in Asian territories for their range of Manuka honey blends. These had been flavor beaded to date. To target the holistic wellness consumer they created a blend that contained extracts of Lion Mane Mushroom – a funghi with renowned medicinal properties.

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Image: Hero image
Image: Full illustration
Image: Illustrating the real lion mane mushroom
Image: Lifestyle image
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  • The brands honey blends to date relied on photography of the core flavor or ingredient on the front label. Lion Mane proved difficult due to its unusual (aka weird) appearance, which meant another creative angle needed to be taken to show this ingredient in a compelling manner. There was also the supplementary health story that needed to be communicated.

  • While researching the origins and properties of the mushroom we came across various versions of an old Asian fable about a medicine man of the forest. We used this inspiration for a new direction. Lion Mane grows in large groups at the base of trees, so we created a unique old medicine man tree. This old, sage character has a lush beard of flora found on forest floors along with an interpretation of the mushroom and honey. This was all done, by hand, in soft pencil to evoke the natural warmth of the product.

  • Upon launch on E-commerce channels that brand was inundated with enquirers and queries about the new honey. The main line of consumer query was around the drawing of the old tree man. The first production run quickly sold out in the brand key sales territories.

  • To aid the warmth and natural cues of the pencil drawing, an uncoated recycled paper stock was chosen to print on. It's rough texture helps embed the core 'natural' story cues while also helping to warm up the pencil drawing and black ink.