Stratus Outdoors “Climate Changer II” Camp Shade

  • 2023

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Stratus Outdoors

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The Iconic Aussie Tarp’, Done Better.
The Stratus Outdoors “Climate Changer II” is a dual layer camping shade, with an internationally patented cool flow cell design. A global first, it reduces the ambient temperature beneath the shade, plus our manufacturing process repurposes up to 830 plastic bottles per item.

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  • The challenge struck us during the midday discomfort of a Queensland summer camping trip. Why is it so hot under our silver tarp'?! It was time to design a shade in response to the hot Australian climate. Product design spec's to meet: - provide shade and shelter from the sun, wind and rain - reduce the ambient temperature underneath - improve ease of use and versatility Current silver camping tarps can heat up to 250% above the daily ambient temperature with all radiant heat produced from the tarp being projected downwards, onto the not-so-happy camper. Furthermore they are heavy and cumbersome.

  • The Climate Changer II was designed as a dual layer shade with an 75mm spacing between the two layers, creating "cool flow cells" through which air is moved around and out of open ends as well as side panel ventilation holes. This continual ventilation of hot air, maintains a cooler touch temperature on the bottom layer of the shade and ultimately reduces the ambient temperature below by up to 46% - resulting in happy campers :) The design is patented in AU, CA and US. The shades are available in a range of useful sizes, made of lightweight 100% rPET fabric.

  • With a proven product innovation in the Climate Changer II, we then set to work on our impact. - We created our brand USP's around innovation, durability, environmental impact and style. - We choose 100% rPET fabrics for our shades, and our entire product range. - We custom designed our entire shipping process to be 100% plastic free. - 830 post-consumer plastic bottles are used to produce our shade. Since our launch in November 2022, we have kept 807,818 plastic bottles out of oceans and landfill by using certified rPET fabrics. We are promoting a community of product owners, not product consumers.

  • Our mission is to Protect the Adventure. Through the design and creation of our Climate Changer II shade, an entire range of outdoor adventure gear has been created. All inspired from that initial thought, camping in the QLD summer - "how can we make this better?" Our hearts are set on connecting more people with the joy of the natural world and creating innovative, environmentally responsible gear that is built to last for generations to come. Our Climate Changer II shades come packaged in a heavy duty carry bag, also made from durable rPET fabric. We not only custom designed our entire shipping process to be plastic free, but we also work closely with our manufacturers to reduce plastic consumption during their manufacturing process. Due to the world first, patented cooling design built into our shade, we see opportunity for further applications globally. We look forward to exploring how our Climate Changer II can be used in humanitarian scenarios as temperatures fluctuate so uncertainly. We also look forward to more people adopting our product in place of breakable shelters and plastic tarpaulins, bound for landfill far too frequently. We will continue to innovate and inspire a movement of protecting the adventure.