Steelcase Buoy

  • 2014

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Steelcase

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Buoy is a moving experience designed for the active sitter. It promotes seated movement with its ability to swivel, turn, tilt and move up and down. The design process started with the research of multiple small businesses, where one key insight was drawn: people are mobile, even when seated. Buoy not only promotes and supports seated movement but is comfortable regardless of a person’s size or posture, all while being fun. Coming in six bold colours and an array of caps, there are an endless number of ways to personalise Buoy.

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  • Buoy caps are available in over 25 fabrics, including designer fabrics such as Maharam and British designer Paul Smith's Exaggerated Plaid. Paired with the choice of six bold colours for the barrel, you have the ability to customize Buoy to your liking. If you ever decide that you're no longer into the cap you selected, simply swap it out for a new one.

  • With a built-in handle and weighing only 20 pounds, Buoy is designed to go wherever you go. Buoy is well suited for office use, home use or anything in between.

  • Buoy works for everyone by providing 5.5 inches of height adjustability with the lift of a lever.

  • The curved base provide movement and encourages active sitting, allowing up to 12 degrees of tilt.