• 2015

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    Furniture and Lighting

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  • Thorsten Franck

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Stand-up -a stylish and fun mover.
Placed in relaxed groups, nobody can resist lingering on these colourful, cheerful and eye-catching stools. They’re ideal for spontaneous meet ups and come with health boosting benefits. Perched on diagonally, these one-legged sitting-standing hybrids turn into dynamic three-legged ones that allow hips to move and thoughts to take flight. Joints are put to work and muscles strengthened. Following the dynamic office concept, a strap can be attached to it to be picked up and carried wherever you want to. Even from an up to 50° angle, after a gentle push they swing back and right themselves again. This hip companion is a fun approach to the serious side of (working) life.

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  • The stand-up is the first innovation that incorporates the cross between standing and sitting. It's destined for recreational and breakout zones, workshop spaces, or lobbies and waiting areas. The product was based on a one-legged milking stool that can be tipped in any direction. When sitting on them, people turn these one-legged into three-legged objects. So they're honing their balancing skills and activating the muscles in their backs, shoulders and necks, as well as hip, knee and ankle joints. Its tilted stance when not in use underlines its key function: It shows that it's a dynamic, flexible support and not a stable, static stool.

  • Its shape underscores Stand-Up's playful, yet dynamic range of motion. Much narrower at the bottom, it looks like an ice cream cone with an upholstered seat at the top that resembles a lid. Both the body and cushioned seat are fully covered in three-dimensional fabric. This lends Stand-Up a highly contemporary look and muffles noise too. The stool's base is made of anti-slip, black plastic and sets itself apart from the conical-shaped body. Nobody can resist this playful and eye-catching design. Everyone who has spotted these bizarre yet cheerful objects can't wait to try them out. The Stand-Up encourages us to forget familiar positions and postures swing our hips and let our thoughts take flight.

  • The Stand-up is made of high quality material which realises its cleverly designed mechanisms. The damping cylinder and steel weight at the bottom ensure that it bounces back like a roly-poly toy. Even from an up to 50° angle, after a gentle push they swing back and right themselves again. The tapered base is made of black, anti-slip plastic. The use of high quality materials ensures that the Stand-Up just weights 4.5 kilos which makes it also easy to attach a strap and carry it from room to room or even outdoors if a spot of fresh air is required. To ensure the highest level of quality, the Stand-Up underwent extensive tests way above what the standards require.

  • Designing this innovation meant taking on a lightweight-design challenge. The centre of gravity had to be placed as closely as possible to the base. Initial design case studies included a semi-spherical, solid-steel ball and a high-tech frame underneath the cover. The upshot was a complex design weighing almost 12 kilos. So an engineering re-think was required before Stand-Up went into production. Stand-Up now consists of an EPP hollow body, a steel weight, a damping cylinder and an anti-slip elastomer dome as a base. These features cut both the production costs and the weight dramatically to just 4.5 kilos. Furthermore, a strap allows Stand-Up to be picked up and carried from one place to another