Stainless Steel memobottle

  • 2023

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

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memobottle pty ltd

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A square peg in a round hole, the Stainless Steel memobottle is shaped to redefine the way we carry water on the go. Like the paper that inspired its design, its slim and space-saving form fits flat in pockets and bags. An elegant antidote to society’s relationship with single-use bottles.

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Image: @michaelaltaylor
Image: @michaelaltaylor
Image: @michaelaltaylor
Image: @michaelaltaylor
Image: @michaelaltaylor
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  • In a world driven by convenience, single-use water bottles are an all too easy choice for anyone on the go. But what if we could flip the equation and make reusable bottles the more attractive option? What if reusable water bottles were so convenient, we never left home without them? Inspired by the flat items that live in our bags and pockets, we saw an opportunity to reformat the humble water bottle into being slim and compact. By breaking the mould, we could redesign bottles to better fit into our lives, helping us avoid the temptation of single-use water altogether.

  • With its innovative paper-inspired design, the Stainless Steel memobottle offers a compelling alternative to cylindrical water bottles. Compact and convenient, it makes it effortless to carry water everywhere you go, empowering you to hydrate sustainably throughout the day. Whether it’s for little errands or thirsty work, the four sizes provide a bottle fit for every occasion - and bag. Flat, but not a flask, it’s an elegant accessory to flaunt in casual and professional settings. The striking mouthpiece excites with every sip, and sets the new standard for ease of ‘flow and fill’ in the flat bottle category.

  • Turning water into art, the memobottle is a prudent message in a bottle that aims not only to reshape the way we carry water, but the way we approach sustainability. More than a vessel, it’s a vehicle for us to drive the conversation around single-use. It’s a ubiquitous conversation starter to which we’re able to attach our message of ‘considered consumption’. This re-interpretation of the brand’s original concept delivers an exciting refresh that is set to stimulate new market segments. It offers a revised silhouette, increased capacity, enhanced user-experience, and extra durability - all packaged into a highly demanded material.

  • Slim, space-saving and stylish - the Stainless Steel memobottle is a minimalist bottle, with mass appeal and uncompromising features. Its form is a reductive reimagining of our signature ‘memobottle silhouette’ - a flat, paper-proportioned bottle, with an offset neck. Whereas the neck design of the original memobottle closely referenced the single-use bottles we hoped to prevent, this edition exudes a more distilled profile - one that feels hyper-modern and minimalist, yet serene and seemingly carved from stone. The cap sits flush with the bottle’s neck, completing the bottle’s seamless profile. The mouthpiece design even extends the reductionist aesthetic so far that the lid’s thread does not peturb the the bottle’s profile when uncapped. The internalisation of the lid’s thread presents not only aesthetic outcomes, but also creates a luxurious mouthfeel, and maximises the bottle’s aperture. Upon close inspection, a slight convexity provides the bottle with significant strength, rendering it compatible with effervescent liquids - an increasingly popular demand from consumers. Satin-textured powdercoating gives the bottle a durable and highly tactile finish, also reducing condensation. Finally, our iconic paper sizing insignia, has been applied as a subtle deboss, functioning as an important brand motif as well as size reference for online shoppers.