• 2023

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    Consumer Electronics

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BlueAnt Wireless

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The MSB60 Under Monitor Soundbar is a multipurpose device designed to function as a monitor riser and a content playback device.
It is for use for work or play to enhance the audio playback with an almost invisible footprint.

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  • The challenge was to deliver a soundbar with high definition audio and bass in a tiny footprint to fit in the desktop environment and not compromise on the output. To be used for content playback and essentially become invisible to the user.

  • We needed to find a way to keep the space requirements as flat as possible and still provide enough bass and volume to allow for loud, clear content playback. A subwoofer is included in the low profile housing to greatly enhance the bass performance and deliver an overall output of 60 Watts.

  • The product follows shape of a standard monitor riser, including autoswitching the audio when the user plugs in a new source, intuitive controls and a simple remote control. As the soundbar will be used in a desktop environment a wireless charging area was built in to allow for easy mobile phone charging.

  • The under monitor soundbar features an HDMI input and an HDMI output to allow for the easy passthrough of content from a laptop or other source device. There is also a USB C input that will autosync with laptop volume level. Colours have been selected to match various monitor models.