Sonder – Reimagining Organisational Wellbeing and Safety


As the world evolves, organisations struggle to look after the wellbeing needs of their people, many unsupported by an overwhelming healthcare landscape. Sonder’s mission is to support each individual’s wellbeing journey, and help organisations proactively support employee safety, medical, and mental health with a unique 24/7 care model.

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Image: Personalised Support, Safety, and Alert features
Image: Clinically-backed Digital Wellbeing Assessment
Image: Personalised Results and Pathways
Image: Early Proactive Human Intervention
Image: Members First Approach to Solve Wide Range of Issues
Image: On-demand Support in Impactful Incidents
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  • We live in “the lucky country”, yet Australians are not getting the mental health, medical and safety support they need, when they need it, because they are struggling to navigate our complex health system. This is costing Australia $500M a day in lost productivity and participation. With the rise in people working and studying from home, organisations recognise the growing (safety/legal risk and) expectation to help with mental and physical healthcare, but with less than 5% of employees using Employee Assistance Programs - and significant delays in care for those that do, organisations are looking for a better solution.

  • Sonder’s solution is a medically-accredited service that uniquely combines technology with holistic human care, to offer one central springboard for employee wellbeing and safety: - Holistic approach: Our person-centric philosophy considers all aspects of a person’s wellbeing (physical, medical and mental health), for accurate triaging. - Technology layer: Our in-house, proprietary, mobile app experience, together with our customer-focussed reporting underpins the Sonder Holistic Wellbeing Model. - Human services layer: We offer a medically-trained, 24/7, human support service, backed up by a physical responder network to get someone onsite within 20 minutes (e.g. for suicide ideation, violence at home or at work).

  • Thanks to our Sonder Holistic Wellbeing Model, we are saving at least one life a week. We support members with suicide ideation, who, without our technology and medical team would likely have ended their life prematurely. Quotes: “You saved my life today” and “I have peace of mind knowing that someone is there when I have PTSD episodes which make me suicidal.” 70% of members indicate that if they didn’t have Sonder, they would not have sought help for their issue. With strong user engagement, our CSAT score for April 2022 is 86%, and our NPS score is 54.

  • Sonder is an on-demand, 24/7 service, which combines technology with timely, holistic human support. Members have access to unlimited support via the following features: - Live 24/7 call or chat: trained clinicians, nurses and psychologists are available around the clock. - Wellbeing Assessment: digitally accessible and clinically backed, this practical assessment helps determine if immediate assistance maybe needed, if everything is great - and everything in between. - Safety alerts: comprehensive environmental scanning enables real time geo-based notifications for safety incidents nearby (e.g. weather, traffic, fire). - Track My Journey: Realtime detection of inconsistencies in a member’s journey from one place to another, enabling immediate escalation and support. - Check On Me: Countdown timer with expiry triggering a Sonder response if the member has not checked in, or needs help. - Self help & wellbeing content: articles, videos and interactive content for a range of issues from mental health support, COVID-19 support, financial assistance and more.