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SmartSnugg is an integrated sleep monitoring ecosystem for infants and toddlers. The SmartBlanket, SmartPebble/s, SmartBridge and smartphone App work together to help children and parents enjoy a safe, comfortable and stress-free sleep-time. Receive tailored recommendations to improve sleep quality & monitor temperature, movement, and position in real-time via the SmartSnugg App.

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  • Parents want their children to be safe and comfortable in their sleep, but lack a reliable way to monitor and improve sleep quality. SIDS remains a major stress factor for parents of young children, despite risks, infant sleeping bags are frequently used to adjust a child's sleeping temperature, simply because there are no alternatives. The challenge was to develop a solution that provided parents with real-time data (temperature, movement and position), alongside individually tailored suggestions for improving sleep comfort and safety. The solution needed to be affordable, quality, exceed child safety standards and work seamlessly with family life.

  • The SmartSnugg sleep ecosystem provides parents with an integrated solution to monitor (temperature, movement + position) their child's sleep-time. The SmartSleeper has been designed for safety and comfort, while SmartPebble works to provide continuous contactless monitoring. SmartPebble/s are securely placed in the SmartSleeper's internal child-safe pockets. Housing sensors in a SmartPebble (versus stitching and wiring into each SmartSleeper) reduced costs, allows flexibility in how many SmartPebble/s are purchased, and allowed a cost-effective waterproofing solution. Using the SmartSnugg App, parents can monitor a child’s current + regular sleep status and receive individualised suggestions to improving the safety and quality of their child’s sleep.

  • • The SmartSnugg sleep ecosystem intuitively helps parents and their children to enjoy a safe, comfortable and stress-free sleep-time. • SmartSnugg reveals currently unavailable data + actionable insights into a child's sleep. • SmartSnugg ecosystem enables instant monitoring, insights + recommendations that help to reduce the risks of SIDS + improve sleep quality. The App enables quick access to information + instant push alerts if a dangerous sleeping position or temperature is detected. • Parents can sleep with enhanced peace of mind and confidence, based on accurate personalised data. • Cost-Effective production + Commercially Competitive: Only company that can offer an integrated sleep clothing + monitoring solution, and supply elements individually.

  • • SmartSleeper – a curved, side zipping system allows us the SmartPebble to be positioned in the centre of the SmartSleeper, essential for accurate positional data. Designed for convenience, allowing parents to fully open the SmartSleeper when getting their baby in/out. SmartSleeper's patented internal pocket with a ‘tortured path’, ensures SmartPebble stays securely in place + inaccessible to children. • SmartPebble runs on replaceable batteries, reducing added complexity to parental routines (ie. remember to recharge + additional charger cost). The battery and its machine-washable design mean the SmartPebble can be left in the infant’s bag for up to 9 months. Software has been developed to minimise energy use without compromising data quality - sensors are powered for a millisecond each second, data is sent to SmartBridge and then sent to the App for storage. • SmartBridge – called a ‘Bridge’ because it serves as the connection to WiFi, the SmartBridge sends data from the SmartPebble to the SmartSnugg server. Data is transferred via a low powered Bluetooth connection. Using the App parents can access live monitoring and data in real-time from anywhere in the world. SmartBridge features an adjustable nightlight + room temperature sensor. Data from the temperature sensor is used as a crucial reference point in the monitoring system. • SmartSnugg App – Monitor both SmartSleeper and room temperatures in real-time. The differential between the two generally stabilises after about 40 mins. Beyond that point, any significant increase in the differential has likely been caused by an increase in body temperature. This unexpected finding, discovered during testing, has been incorporated into a range of alerts that parents can choose from.