Smart City Parking System

  • 2014

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    Commercial and Industrial

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IPS Group, Inc

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Parking is now a positive experience. IPS are changing the way people think about parking by offering a smart system alive with connectivity for people, the planet and productivity. The IPS Smart city parking system features; visual analytics, real time location and payment Apps, single space meters, multi space pay stations, easy payment options, rapid retrofit kits and vehicle detection sensors, all of which communicate wirelessly to one synonymous data management system.

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  • Typically parking meters are synonymous with negative experiences. For the first time motorists can now enjoy the pleasure of being guided by an App to a selection of available parking spaces, then having parked, be presented with the freedom of four easy and instant payment options. Later to be notified through an alarm in the App of a pending expiry, and finally being able to extend the parking time through a payment over the cell phone - how easy is that!

  • The DMS is a web based management system tool providing comprehensive reporting capabilities. The DMS incorporates a variety of dynamic filtering and sorting capabilities to allow cities the ability to manipulate any standardised reports for specific purposes, including; financial, technical, and administrative reporting features and remote meter configuration. DMS reporting enables cities to review information from as small as a single meter to their entire network. The visual analytics platform provides specific data to help cities gain insight into their network, with no need for local software or new hardware installation. Cities can now make smart decisions based on facts.

  • IPS Vehicle Detection Sensors communicate wirelessly to the IPS meter, which means there is no need to install expensive, complicated mesh networks. Sensors not only enable cities to gather valuable occupancy data - they provide them the tools necessary to implement demand based pricing, enforce policies such as length of stay and can eliminate meter piggybacking. Sensors communicate space vacancy; allowing Apps to display parking options in real time, helping drivers make informed decisions and eliminates cars circling. Sensors promote optimized enforcement by pushing real-time occupancy and payment data to citation officers through handhelds or mobile devices as alerts.

  • IPS is partnering with innovative smart cities around the world, to offer improved user experience in not only its meters but the entire platform. Motorists benefit from multiple payment options, including coin, credit card, contactless and pay-by-cell, real time space availability and intuitive user interfaces. Designed with the service technician in mind, the modular components in IPS parking meters, can be easily removed, serviced and replaced with no more than a screwdriver. Cities experience lower equipment upgrade, and ease of maintenance and improved revenue streams.

    As cities continue to evolve, IPS cities benefit from seamless integration with future technologies. The IPS Retrofit Kits are designed to retrofit existing pay stations, thereby maximizing current investment and infrastructure. Modularly designed components not only allow for ease of maintenance, but cities benefit from lower equipment upgrade and greater flexibility and choices. Using the IPS data Management System, cities can have confidence they will see a return in their investment using measurable data to track true parking demands over time and forecast trends.