Slite – The World’s Most Portable Light for Creators

  • 2022

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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Slite was born out of a need for portable and professional lighting for the modern content creators. Slite’s co-founder, Alex, was shooting in an 160-year-old building without any power. Then the idea struck: “why not power a light from a powerbank!?”

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  • The world of professional lighting is super intimidating. They're bulky, cumbersome and expensive, limiting their use and use cases. Slite needed to be portable, powerful and offer professional quality lighting that anyone - regardless of experience - could easily use. Slite needed to work with existing traditional mounts/stands, but also offer more intuitive and innovative mounting solutions. In short, a light that would exceed the needs of a professional, whilst being accessible to newcomers. A light that could take your creativity to new places (metaphorically and physically!).

  • Slite used cutting-edge heat sync technology to allow for an ultra slim 14mm thin profile, without compromising the output of the custom-built LEDs. Working closely with electrical engineers and LED manufacturers, Nila was able to create a beautiful, sleek design unit - roughly the size of a tablet - that packed a 3400lux at 1m, weight only 890g and could fit in a laptop sleeve! Stripping away intimidating (and unnecessary buttons) made for a user-friendly interface, making pro lights easier to use than ever. By integrating magnets into the unit's front and rear, Slite could also be mounted in new ways!

  • Slite is the first professional-quality light to implement USB-C technology, allowing the unit to be powered from an every day powerbank - super portable! This - combined with the 14mm profile and <900g weight - meant you could pack a studio-worth of lights into your backpack for the first time! And, thanks to the magnetic rear, Slite could be mounted to anything metallic - meaning content creators could do away with stands too, and mount in new and innovative ways with ease and minimal footprint.

  • Slite was designed along side an ecosystem of mounting solutions and diffusion products that allow the user to customise their lighting to suit their individual needs. Be it make up artists attaching their Slite to a mirror, or a videographer shooting an interview with the Slite diffuser, Slite's ecosystem is only limited by the user's imagination. With access to 16 million colours, creators can unlock their creativity when producing content for all mediums. From TikTok and network television, to video calls and large-scale productions. Slite's easy point of entry means anyone can use it and improve their creative output instantly.