Slimline Linear Drain 65MND

  • 2014

  • Architectural
    Commercial and Residential

Designed By:

  • Stormtech Pty Ltd

Commissioned By:

Stormtech Pty Ltd

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Linear drain design was invented by Stormtech to allow for a wider range of floor surfaces and flooring configurations than is possible with traditional centre wastes. The latest series of grates was created in collaboration with internationally renowned designer, Marc Newson. The partnership has created a new decorative solution for wet areas, including bathrooms, balconies, courtyards, thresholds, pools, paved areas and driveways. The 65MND Series grates are manufactured from 2mm marine grade stainless steel, available in satin stainless steel, satin black, white, pearl brass and blue finishes. The drainage system is completed with a stainless steel or PVC channel.

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  • The Slimline linear drain removes water throughout the drainage channel in a distributed form eliminating the need for large outlets at one or both ends of the trench. The Slimline linear drain system removes water along the channel through multiple outlets. The number of outlets depends on the length of the installation. This improves efficiency of the drain itself, removing far larger quantities of water than would otherwise be possible. Having the water removed at multiple points along the trench also dramatically reduces blockages.

  • The Slim Line system is one of the most efficient drains available. The Slimline system can completely replace all floor drainage in a bathroom. Being a lineal form the 'fall' or slope of the floor to the drain can be a single plane and allow for the use of different tiles or surfaces currently considered standard. This also eliminates hobs and steps into the shower area and as the finish is flush with the finished surface area, access for reduced mobility (such as wheelchairs or walkers) is facilitated. The system is Watermarked and complies with all relevant Australian standards.

  • Drains and drain covers have traditionally stood out like the proverbial 'sore thumb' often reducing the visual concept desired. Even the most architecturally pleasing grate covers made in stainless steel can have a detrimental effect. The Slimline system has a minimal impact due to its narrow profile. The stainless steel finish of the 316 stainless steel grates provides a prestige finish with design flexibility to allow it to be used in contemporary or classic styles. Alternately, the choice of colours can create a subtle accent which can blend or contrast with surrounding materials and fittings.

  • Being smaller and more efficient than standard drains, more design flexibility is provided. The Slimline drain can be integrated in almost any design concept and used in a variety of situations from showers, bathrooms and other wet rooms to backyard and pool designs. It is also easily incorporated into door frames and thresholds to allow an equal threshold which allows easy access and a flowing design bringing the outdoors in. Furthermore, the drain can be connected directly to all stormwater or sewerage systems, no matter what building code is required.

    When used in bathrooms, particularly shower areas the slope of the floor can be made into a uniform direction, without the multiple fall required when using central floor drains. This increases safety significantly by allowing the use of non-slip tiles, reducing the amount of water pooling on the floor surface, and removing the need for steps, hobs, and frames that area easily tripped over, or impede access.