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  • 2014

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

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  • Spacespace Studio

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Spacespace Studio

Sleeping Duck

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Sleeping Duck’s mission is to help Australians achieve the best night’s sleep, and their product solution is a set of three mattress options that represent the best of modern mattress-making, design and value. The Sleeping Duck website is the brand’s sole sales channel. We developed a brand website that provides a unique and innovative online shopping experience. Visitors are engaged through the propositions of the brand and features of its products with leading edge, rich content. By discovering existing Sleeping Duck customer’s behaviours and buying needs, we formed a strategy that compels by channelling the brand owners’ passion and empathy.

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  • We approached the project with as much ambition as the client's mission. An online store need not provide the experience of its platform. We wanted to keep a homogeneous and immersive brand experience throughout the whole duration of a website visit, from introduction to self-discovery, shopping cart to final check-out. A Sleeping Duck customer would arrive to a visually engaging surprise and leave with a positively enlightened impression. The experience strategy was formed on a foundation of discovery into Sleeping Duck customers' browsing behaviour and feedback, which was key to achieving the goals we had set out.

  • Instead of telling visitors exactly what's inside the mattresses, we show them, layer by layer. As a visitor scrolls down a mattress product page, they are engaged with an animated sequence that constructs the product, showcasing every component inside. Each step of the sequence is accompanied by a explanation of the feature and its benefits. Sleeping Duck wanted total transparency of their products, so we obliged by leveraging transparent PNG images, and the latest evolution of mainstream web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.

  • Not everyone is an expert of sleep, let alone mattresses. The sleep blog provides a clean, comfortable and informative experience that educates visitors about getting a great night's sleep. The design objective was to keep visual distractions to a minimum and completely immerse readers in the contents of an article. At the same time, rich blog features are always available in slide-out menus via minimalist interface elements.

  • A great brand website experience meant spectacular photography and illustrative imagery. This was key in creating the Sleeping Duck experience. The emotions we wanted to evoke were comfort, trust, intrigue and desire. The website layout makes use of a full screen's real estate, which allows for a clean design and the imagery to really shine. The use of large, comfortable to read fonts, a storytelling structure with snippets of useful information, large interactive targets (buttons and links), and harmonious use of soft colours, all sum to create the pleasant emotions intended.

    The website provides an experience that feels native to a multitude of devices, whether it's a mobile, desktop, or in between. Small and modestly powered devices receive an experience that's natural and intuitive, and as the site visitors' device capabilities, and screen size increases, the website progressively adapts to provide the richest experience possible, while making maximum use of visual real estate. To enable a rich experience even on smaller devices, we leveraged hardware acceleration. The physical size of a device was taken into account, and we ensured the website provided a comfortable level of readability at all times.