• 2015

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Motorola Solutions Innovation Design Team

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions

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The SL300 is a versatile new digital two-way radio for commercial users. With its compact form factor and unique display technology, the device brings traditional two-way radio to entire new user categories. It is lightweight, easy to hold and offers multiple carrying options, providing function and flexibility for users in service, hospitality, education, and light industrial markets. Its most novel feature is a shatterproof “Active View” display that uses a matrix of LEDs behind the radio housing to communicate radio information. The LEDs are protected and are only visible while they are on. This gives an attractive, rugged display that is clearly visible yet disappears when not in use.

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  • When designing the SL300, the primary problem to solve was providing the functionality and ruggedness of a traditional two-way radio without the bulk or weight generally associated with such devices. In addition, true one-handed operation was also given top priority based on user research. The result was a slim, lightweight device that features a side volume control, a dedicated power button, a prominent push-to-talk button, and a top toggle channel switch. Combined with the innovative Active View display, the SL300 combines advanced technology in a durable yet slim device.

  • The SL300 has been designed for easy, intuitive use. In addition to creating features for one-handed operation, developers took a counterintuitive approach, removing weight and bulk to allow the device to better-survive the shocks and drops of everyday real-world use. This approach allowed two-way radio technology to appeal to a wider variety of potential users who, for the first time, considered the technology viable for their everyday workflow. In addition this new solution provides superior audio quality and provides integrated features necessary for essential day-to-day, two-way radio communications.

  • The SL300 keeps user connected and safe, especially when cell phone service is not available. For example, an elementary teacher may carry the SL300 two-way radio to coordinate with school administration and first responders in times of emergency. The slim form factor and energy-conserving Active View display allow her to comfortably carry the radio at all times. Whether faced with a fire, severe weather or lost child, she knows help is one button click away. The product and design complies with applicable standards and regulations.

  • The rugged construction of the SL300 assures a long service life. This philosophy extends the replacement interval for such a device thereby reducing the waste associated with discarded electronic devices. It is designed to last five to seven years in the field, which greatly surpasses phone based devices.

    The device was built to Motorola Solutions' quality and durability standards used by mission-critical radios used by first responders. It will last through five to seven years of continuous use

    The SL300 has garnered significant interest of businesses and organizations that need a reliable two-way radio solution but had not yet found a product designed to meet their needs. Initial sales at launch exceeded expectations and continue to climb. Users consistently praise the slim yet still rugged form factor, simplicity of controls and unique display solution.

    The innovative Active View display represents a breakthrough in sleek yet functional radio displays. In addition, the SL300 features the functionality users depend on: long battery life and high-quality voice communications in a lightweight, durable device.