• 2021

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

Designed By:

  • Creative Director - Colin Haining/Tim Lynch
  • Strategy - Chris Sutevski
  • Designer - Alicia Constantine
  • Designer - Saini Copp
  • Designer - Chris Sutevski

Commissioned By:

Tom Skeehan

Skeehan Studio

Designed In:


SKEEHAN is an Australian design team delivering high-end furniture and designs for commercial environments.

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  • Originally founded by furniture designer Tom Skeehan in 2011, the studio has since undergone significant growth, with the scale and nature of projects evolving in a variety of directions, welcoming a growing team of different disciplines. The brand needed to reposition itself as a creative studio and team, showcase the diversity of projects and collaborations and hone in on the Australian-made market.

  • This project aimed to reposition SKEEHAN as a leading Australian design team, and provide a platform for product development, collaborations, and spatial design projects. The new positioning explores the team's approach to brand, research, positioning, and materiality. The identity was designed with a custom typographic solution, stripped back to the raw, honest elements. The brand typography has been inspired by the low, angular, refined furniture designs synonymous with the designers' aesthetic. Complementing the studio's restrained approach to design, we provided a new graphic system and branding guidelines which reinforce the intelligence of SKEEHAN's methods.

  • To make SKEEHAN a design studio of choice, much work went into delivering tools for the end-user to help other designers specify products, with easy-to-use and downloadable catalogues, technical drawings, specifications, and CAD drawings. Complementing the studio's honest, restrained approach, we provided a new graphic system and branding guidelines that use the process and intelligence of SKEEHAN's methods. Paired with a new typeface, the art direction now features a dark, moody photographic approach to product photography, which feel more at home in high-end home magazines and showrooms.

  • Website The new website is an immersive, image-rich experience which showcases the detail of projects, process, and the team. The website has been restructured to outline the changes in the business, provide insight into vision and values, a variety of products, and projects. The website deliberately shows the various people within the team working from concept through to finished projects, showing them as a strategic design team rather than simply makers. Each product page now offers detailed specifications, downloadable content, and tools to support business processes and sales in a seamless manner.