SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand

  • 2015

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Designed By:

  • Design + Industry Pty Ltd
  • OBJ Limited
  • Procter & Gamble

Commissioned By:

Procter & Gamble

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SK-II presents its latest innovation to the award winning STEMPOWER range – the new STEMPOWER SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand; featuring first in-the-world magnetic core ingredient delivery for better control and more effective ingredient absorption.

With its tri-magnetic technology, the SKII Magnetic Eye Wand when moved over the face, induces a micro-electromagnetic field to enhance absorption of key skincare ingredients as well as delivering a new and enhanced consumer experience.

The patented delivery technology developed by OBJ Australia uses calibrated magnetic fields proven in clinical trial to enhance key ingredient delivery by over 300% greater than traditional finger application.

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  • Developed in Australia by OBJ, a leading developer of magnetic micro-array drug and ingredient delivery technologies. This world first innovation enhances absorption of skincare ingredients by inducing a micro-electromagnetic field to physically push the creams active compounds deeper into the skin - setting a new gold standard for cosmetics ingredient delivery.

  • Clinical experiments have proven the SK-II Magnetic Wand is able to deliver 3x mores Niacinamide (the key ingredient in STEMPOWER Eye Cream that firms three critical areas around the eye) into the target dermal layer of the skin compared to fingertip application. For the first time in the industry, the full target dose of the creams active ingredients is able to be delivered to the target dermal layer beyond traditionally uncontrolled absorption and diffusion.

  • SK-II has grown to become P&G's most prestigious skincare brand. Known as the skin secret for many around the world, including actress Cate Blanchett; D+I are extremely proud to have been part of the collaborative team. Working closely with OBJ and P&G, we translated OBJ's technology requirements into an object that embodied SK-II's brand values. Working with stakeholders and team members of the SK-II global project team, a series of ideation workshops were set-up to explore many 'what if' scenarios. Flying models and 3D printed parts between locations, it was an extremely fast paced project, involving high level conceptual presentations to gain confidence from a business spread around the world.

  • The SKII brand has been synonymous with user insight, originally inspired by observing the youthful hands of sake brewers, SK-II has grown to become one of P&G's most prestigious brands. For the SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand, the design team immersed themselves in the ritual of eye cream application, trying different off-the-shelf applicators to understand the way we apply cream. The research identified the fingertip as the million dollar tool - with people able to quickly and controllably apply cream into the corners of the eye. The wand mimics our fingertips giving the best feel against the skin and creates two application directions - a wide surface for faster application and a thinner for deeper crevices.

    The SKII STEMPOWER Magnetic Eye Wand is the outcome of three great companies working closely together for a highly successful design led outcome. Combining diverse skillsets and expertise across the globe; with the SK-II team in Kobe & Singapore , the OBJ R&D team in Perth, and the D+I team in Sydney, resulted in accelerating development pathways and rewarded the team with a global product launch in Seoul in October 2014. The product is now being rolled out around the world; and P&G recognise this as their fastest NPD programme to date - opening the door to more collaboration between this local start-up success story and a global FMCG powerhouse.