Sinonimo Essentials

  • 2023

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Designed By:

  • John (Ju Seok) Lee
  • Axel Meyer
  • Emma Tian
  • Ximena Lauga

Commissioned By:

Sinonimo LLC

Designed In:

United States of America

Sinonimo Essentials is a coherent collection of essential tools for espresso making that are designed to live within modern living space such as your home or office. The essentials includes tamper, tamp support, funnel, knock box and lid-tray that are coherent in experience, function and appearances.

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  • Design problem was to question the existing espresso making tool and products that were all non-cohesive to our modern living space like our homes and studios in terms of function, experience and aesthetics. The root causes are; 1. Legacy, taking the exact same function, experience and design from commercial settings to modern living spaces 2 Fragmentation: from tool manufacturers who develop independently and not as a whole. The tools and accessories are made to fit either some industrial kitchen or a cafe, not homes or offices that are completely contrasted in terms of purpose and goal of the users.

  • Space Efficiency: Cohesive organization of all tools, from not in use to in process of making espresso. Enhancing everyday ritual: Curated ritual of espresso making process from removing tray to closing the knockbox. Relevant materials, finishes, process and formfactor: Combination of ceramic/casted iron like textured hybrid coated solid aluminum, oak and cork. Lasting Materials and DFM : Solid aluminum with hybrid coating (liquid + powder), hydrophobic coated oak and most vulnerable knock cork made out compostable cork that are easy and affordable to replace Lasting aesthetics : The overall aesthetic is pure in its essences it can belong to different spaces.

  • Through design: a. Customer direct feedback with emphasizing the quality of product and enrichment of everyday ritual of espresso making. Quantified by a bit over 3 years in production and not a single return. b. Environment: Designed and made to last using quality material and process for specific parts. Dual hybrid coating on casted aluminum for gracious wearing that will last life time of an espresso machines. Spun stainless steel for funnel. For the most vulnerable parts to damages such as oak cap and cork knock pole, they are compostable and easily replaced at affordable pricing unlike others.

  • Ordinary workshops extraordinary craftsmanship From our product making experiences it's incredibly eye opening and humbling experience to observe the amount of human touch and time that is required to produce any products we use everyday, from watches to phones. Whether high or low volume products, there are so many parts of the process that requires human touch from production of tools to post machining. Tools are medium to translate an individual's character and value into tangible means and this applies to our Sinonimo product making approach. Unlike traditional craftsmanship, this is a new age craftsmanship where it's not about making everything out of hand but combining their human touch with ordinary tools in an ordinary workshop. Thus from the beginning we visited the workshops in Taiwan to curate and observe how each makers understood the challenges behind creating objects that are so minimal that every choice in their touch and vision formed from their years of mastering their craftsmanship and process has consequences to the quality. For example, our funnel maker has been spinning metal for the last 50 years since he was 15years old. Our wood craftsman has also been making wooden objects and toys for over 30 years.