SilverKris Lounge, Sydney

  • 2015

  • Architectural

Designed By:

  • ONG&ONG Pte Ltd

Commissioned By:

Singapore Airlines

Designed In:


SilverKris Lounge, Sydney, is the first of the new SilverKris lounge collection from Singapore Airlines and the culmination of two years’ worth of intensive workshops, interviews and prototyping sessions with passengers, thought leaders and senior staff from Singapore Airlines.

The interiors are comforting and inviting, with signature elements such as the productivity pods and gallery created specifically to meet the passengers’ need for private work, rest and dining.

Bold aesthetics such as the Vanda ‘Miss Joaquim’ prints on plush wingback chairs and carefully selected art display pieces complete the unparalleled comfort and the SIA experience from land to air.

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  • The lounge is designed using the concept of 'Home', which appeals to the traveller away from home. This required a rethink of the lounge as a transit area at the airport. A transparent screen with intricate patterns in gold, so as to provide an open and inviting view into the lounge, was created for the entrance to make it instantly distinguishable. Memorable furniture, art and architectural features were used to form the branding elements of this new lounge, as opposed to relying on logos. The interiors were given a comforting and inviting feel by using a subdued tan color palette. Furniture-wise, plush wingback chairs upholstered in customised fabrics with Vanda 'Miss Joaquim' prints, were created.

  • The space is tailored towards beautifully delivering the basic needs of a person in transit whilst enhancing the emotional nature of travel. There are resting areas of plush chairs that take care of the ergonomic needs of the tired traveller. To enhance the user's peace of mind, productivity pods and gallery have an intuitive design easily recognizable by the business travelers, adding to their convenience. Productivity pods appear in both the Business and First Class lounges and are essentially a response to the working and dining needs of patrons. Each pod allows for a conducive work environment, with provisions for a laptop, a comfortable leather seat, and a meal to boot.

  • The lounge has been designed to maximise natural light in both First and Business class, which has reduced the consumption of electricity considerably. The materials used have low environmental impact with various green ratings. Majority of the materials, like fabrics, wallpapers, carpets, reconstituted veneer etc., used have either green certification or have low environmental impact due to the content used to manufacture them. The project was designed with strict energy and water efficiency laws governing NSW. The entire lighting setup uses LED light fittings and is on an energy management system together with the air conditioning system. The faucets and flush are sensor controlled as per the WELS rating.

  • The journey towards the final design was the culmination of a two-year-long endeavor, which comprised workshops, interviews and prototyping sessions with passengers, thought leaders, and senior staff from Singapore Airlines. This ensured that the brand value was enhanced through research and feedback. Customised fabrics with Vanda 'Miss Joaquim' prints, in a nod to Singapore's national flower, highlights the pride of the Singapore Airlines in relation to its status as the national carrier of Singapore. Display pieces were carefully selected to fit in with the lounge's aesthetic sensibilities whilst immersing guests in the local culture, to add cultural value to the interior design.