Silver Fern Farms Packaging

  • 2014

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • Designworks

Commissioned By:

Silver Fern Farms

Designed In:

New Zealand

In a typically bland meat category with no discernable difference between brands, we decided to re-invent the way beef is sold to consumers in the supermarket through new packaging formats that would break the category conventions and help communicate a new premium meat sector. The concept was ‘timeless heritage’, inspiring a modern imagining of a time when the butcher was the premiere provider of quality red meat. The company’s new eating quality standards system reinforced the brand’s claim to its own tier of quality. The language introduces a new confidence to the offering, with bold typography and punchy headers.

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  • A novelty for meat in New Zealand, the retail beef range breaks the category stereotype. We designed cartons from recycled card for two of the five cuts, with the other three in vacuum-packed bags that allow the meat to age, tenderise and develop in flavour for up to 30 days. The range sits together as one family, but each product retains an individual character. The Ô'window' device on the front-pack allows consumers to see the superior quality of their lean meat and handcrafted butchery cues all add to the premium nature of the products.

  • Silver Fern Farm's Eating Quality system is a new science-backed initiative to provide superior quality beef cuts to consumers. The system ensures all products meet the highest standards of taste, tenderness and juiciness. The retail beef range carries an Eating Quality (EQ) Master Grade on all packaging, making it easier for consumers to make better choices. The first comprehensive system of its kind in New Zealand, speaks to the great lengths that Silver Fern Farms will go to, to provide value-added product quality in the market.

  • Reinforcing Silver Fern Farm's position of 'going to great lengths' so that their customers don't have to, every pack has a unique recipe on the back, complete with cooking times, instructions and ingredients. A QR code leads to the website where more helpful cooking tips, inspirational recipe ideas and serving suggestions all wait.