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Sharple is a self-sharpening swivel peeler. Its protective cover features an integrated ceramic ball that sharpens and hones the stainless-steel blade every time its cover is slid open or closed, ensuring it stays sharp and lasts longer than all other peelers on the market.

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  • Vegetable peelers are ubiquitous in all kitchens, regardless of culture or cuisine, however they are also notorious for dulling quickly which renders them ineffective, dangerous to use, and inevitably thrown out. The designers set out to design a vegetable peeler that would stay as sharp on its millionth stroke as it was on its first, without the need for a separate sharpening tool. In addition to being razor-sharp the peeler would also need to be comfortable to hold in either hand, dishwasher safe, effective on a range of foods from soft tomatoes to thick skinned pumpkin, while maintaining affordability.

  • As Sharple's cover slides a ceramic sharpening ball is dragged along the blade’s cutting edge on a 45 degree axis. This spins the sharpening ball to realign its cutting edge and grind fresh micro-serrations while travelling along the blade. The ball’s axel is spring-loaded to provide constant, even pressure. The result is a swivel peeler that sharpens and hones itself every time its protective cover is slid open or closed, so it will never dull or require replacing. The integration of the sharpening ball within the cover of the peeler also guarantees it cannot be lost or misplaced.

  • Sharple's cover not only houses its sharpening ball but also protects the blade from damage in the drawer, and the user from accidental harm. The self-sharpening nature of the peeler ensures it will stay perpetually sharp, the impacts of which are numerous; the user is not at risk of applying undue pressure and losing control of the peeler resulting in harm, there is no need to replace the peeler in favour of a new sharper one, resulting in greater long-term value for the consumer as well as reduced environmental impact when compared to regular peelers which are effectively disposable.

  • The peeler’s tip features a highly effective potato eye remover which is sharp enough to pierce the skin of vegetables but not harm the user. The peeler’s protective cover is clear to allow the user to see if the blade is clean and features generous drainage channels to ensure ease of cleaning in the dishwasher and fast drying. A positive detent locks the cover open, disengaging the ball from the blade allowing free movement of the swivel-blade when peeling. When open, the cover rests flush with the peeler’s body creating a seamless handle. The rounded flat bar profile provides maximum comfort and control for left and right-handed users. 420 J2 stainless steel was chosen for the blade for its high corrosion resistance, food safety, and ease of sharpening.