Serving Bowl with a Lid by Put a Lid On It

  • 2023

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    Housewares and Objects

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Cara Frank

Daniel Frank

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Put a lid on it create practical and fun servingware with a fitted lid designed to make preparing, storing, presenting, and travelling with food easy. Elegant, durable, reusable, and stackable. The dual-purpose lid provides people with two useable serving platters in one. Made in Australia from recycled plastic.

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Image: Rick Munitz
Image: Defy Design
Image: Rick Munitz
Image: Lindsey Hoad- The Gourmet Guerrilla and Ainsley Johnstone Food Stylist
Image: Lindsey Hoad - The Gourmet Guerrilla
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  • The challenge was how to provide people with a practical, yet elegant, solution when it comes to sharing food both in and out of the home without relying on traditional unattractive virgin plastic containers or single use plastic wrap. The product needed to have a tightly fitting lid that does not have clips or other mechanisms which would detract from the overall aesthetic. We also had one condition: it had to be made from recycled materials.

  • The design of our fitted lid is such that it does not have clips or other mechanisms. This makes it presentable while still practical. The size of the bowl makes it perfect for sharing food with friends, and the high sides allows space for food to be stored without it hitting the underside of the lid. The swirling, marbled effect of the plastic is durable and mimics ceramic or resin adding to the overall look without the weight - no two pieces are the same. Importantly, the product is made from recycled plastic which can also be recycled again.

  • The bowl has enabled our customers to prepare, transport and present food easily, without having to use delicate (and heavy) ceramic bowls with plastic wrap or use containers which are not aesthetically pleasing for serving. The high sides reduce spilling, and the lid is easy to open and close. The use of recycled plastic is helping to create downstream demand for this material. Providing a return to recycle service at the end of the product's life, closing the loop.

  • Once the bowl has been opened, the lid can be inverted allowing it to be used as a tray alongside the bowl due to the raised rim. Furthermore, other items can be stacked on top when the lid is on unlike when using plastic wrap.